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You must be careful to choose its packaging container

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You must be careful to choose its packaging container
Latest company news about You must be careful to choose its packaging container

Everyone has a love of beauty. Especially in this era of selfie economy, people no longer hide the essence of personal selfie control, and more people are willing to pay for selfie.

With the advent of double 11, all beauty lovers have put all kinds of cosmetics in their shopping cart.
The cosmetics we buy are also of various varieties and different functions. As a beauty generation, when purchasing cosmetics, we will naturally pay special attention to the outer packaging of cosmetics. In order to achieve good sales, cosmetics generally rely on packaging, and various cosmetic packaging with various forms and brilliance have emerged in the market.
But for the cosmetics packaging container materials with their own characteristics, plastic and glass are mainly used as materials at present. So, which one should we choose? What's the difference between them? Which is safer and more reliable?
Let's learn about these two cosmetic packaging materials first
The composition of cosmetics is relatively complex. It is very easy to react with various substances in the air and affect the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, the container packaging of cosmetics plays an important protective role.
What kind of materials should be selected for cosmetic container packaging is not only related to the appearance and texture of the packaging, but also a particularly important guarantee for cosmetic ingredients. The composition of plastic and glass materials is as follows:
Plastics: mainly pet, PE, PVC, PP and other materials. The main component is resin, which refers to polymer compounds that have not been mixed with various additives.
Glass: it belongs to amorphous inorganic non-metallic materials. It is generally made of a variety of inorganic minerals as the main raw materials and a small amount of auxiliary raw materials. Its main components are silica and other oxides.
02 what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles and glass bottles for cosmetics?
There are many kinds of plastics as polymer synthetic materials. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good impact resistance, good permeability, high transparency, easy coloring, good processing performance, convenient carrying, storage and transportation and machining, and is deeply favored by consumers and manufacturers. However, the material migration of cosmetic plastic packaging containers has attracted more and more attention of consumers.
Glass, as a traditional packaging product, has many rare characteristics. Due to the advantages of good chemical stability, impermeability, good transparency, high temperature tolerance and rich raw materials, high-end cosmetics with glass as packaging container occupy a very important position in the market. However, its heavy weight, poor printing performance, easy to break, inconvenient storage and transportation and other characteristics also greatly restrict its position in the market.
03 how to treat the safety of cosmetic plastic bottle packaging?
With plastics as packaging materials, manufacturers will add stabilizers, antioxidants, plasticizers and other additives in the processing process to meet the performance requirements of plastic bottle packaging containers. Moreover, the long-term contact between cosmetics and plastics may lead to the migration of small molecules (such as plastic monomers, additives, volatile substances, harmful substances, etc.) to the packaging contents in the plastic packaging materials of cosmetics. In addition, if there are changes in the external environment such as temperature changes, it will also cause the migration of harmful substances.
For cosmetics packaged in plastic bottles and containers, in addition to the performance changes caused by the chemical reaction of the plastic packaging itself, the stability and quality of cosmetics will be damaged due to the change of the external environment.
The migration of harmful substances in plastic packaging materials will pose a certain threat to human health. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safety of plastic packaging materials. Not only manufacturers need to choose appropriate packaging materials and packaging methods, but also consumers need to carefully check the relevant contents when purchasing, so as to ensure the quality and use safety of cosmetics.
04 on the whole, which is more reassuring to buy?
Through the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two materials, glass or plastic is selected for the cosmetic packaging bottle. Dr. Bao suggested that the cosmetic glass bottle should have good sealing performance, high-grade material, easy recycling, less environmental pollution, and can effectively ensure the quality of the contents for a long time. Especially for high-grade cosmetics, it is more suitable to use glass bottle packaging.
Whether it is plastic bottle or glass bottle packaging, it is to improve the protection, durability, functionality and decoration of products. In recent years, with the advocacy of the concept of green environmental protection, people also prefer green packaged cosmetics. In the future, in consideration of cosmetic packaging materials, harmless, pollution-free and renewable green cosmetic packaging will become a trend.
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