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What does plastic bottle become after recycling?

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What does plastic bottle become after recycling?
Latest company news about What does plastic bottle become after recycling?

In large and small waste recycling bins, plastic bottles have always been the most popular kind of "waste". Presumably, many people are curious about how these plastic bottles are recycled and where they go after recycling? What was it made of? Let's learn about it today.

Most of the bottle body parts are made of polyethylene terephthalate, which is abbreviated as pet. PET plastic is an excellent choice for making beverage bottles, because it is easy to shape, good toughness, airtight, acid and alkali resistant. Compared with traditional glass bottles, pet plastic has light packaging volume and high transparency.
Compared with other waste products, disposable plastic bottles are easier to recycle, and the reuse rate is also very high. PET plastic bottles are also easy to separate from other garbage. Most of them are colorless and transparent, which is a thermoplastic that is easy to reshape.
The recycled plastic bottles will first be flattened and packaged, which is more conducive to transportation, and then the flattened beverage bottles will be transformed into small pieces of plastic through the crusher. These plastic fragments are cleaned to remove the soil, labels, dirt, etc. attached to the surface, and then the parts of the bottle body and the bottle cap are separated through the density difference, because the bottle cap and the bottle body of the beverage bottle are made of different plastics.
After a series of cleaning and screening processes, the remaining PET plastic fragments will be heated and melted into small plastic particles. These granular plastics can be used as raw materials to produce new plastic products. Of course, sometimes recycled PET plastics are depolymerized into monomer molecules, and then polymerized again.
Recycled PET plastics can be made into new packaging containers and plastic films, as well as man-made fibers, fabrics and clothes. It may sound amazing that the recycled plastic bottle will eventually become a garment. In fact, it is widely used in the textile industry. However, when it is made into fiber, pet is generally called "polyester fiber" or "polyester". When you hear these two names, do you feel very familiar? Turn over the label of the garment and you will see it.
In the past, pet plastics recovered by traditional methods would not be used to make beverage bottles or other packaging in contact with food, because the cleaning methods at that time were not up to standard. The main cleaning was the surface of the plastic, which could not ensure that the pollutants penetrating into the plastic were completely removed.
With the progress of Internet plus waste recycling technology, the PET plastic recovered from the high temperature and vacuum conditions has been able to meet the cleanliness of food packaging. The waste beverage bottles can be turned into new beverage bottles again through recycling and recycling.
Therefore, in our daily life, we must take the initiative to do a good job in the classification and recycling of waste products, and place an order for the recyclable plastics by throwing away the paper, so as to improve the recycling rate of recyclable plastics, reduce the pollution of plastics to the natural environment and reduce the waste of resources.
As a professional Internet plus waste recycling platform, paper throws not only professional recycling of all kinds of plastic, but also recycling of waste paper, old metal, old clothes and old household appliances, and so on. To a large extent, it can reduce resource waste, make life lower carbon and make the city environment better.
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