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Vice President Li Yanfeng of our company received an exclusive interview with CPRRA

China San Ying Packaging(Jiang Su)CO.,LTD (Shanghai SanYing Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.) certification
China San Ying Packaging(Jiang Su)CO.,LTD (Shanghai SanYing Packaging Material Co.,Ltd.) certification
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Company News
Vice President Li Yanfeng of our company received an exclusive interview with CPRRA
Latest company news about Vice President Li Yanfeng of our company received an exclusive interview with CPRRA



With the development of social economy, environmental protection has become the common goal and direction of sustainable development all over the world. Driven by the circular economy, the market demand for plastic sustainable packaging is becoming stronger and stronger. Brands and packaging manufacturers are making continuous efforts towards environmental protection and sustainability.


In recent years, China has made great efforts to control environmental pollution and develop circular economy at the policy level. With the introduction of the "14th five year plan for the development of circular economy" and the upgrading of the whole chain to control plastic pollution, Sanying packaging (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., as a composite hose packaging supplier with nearly 30 years of development history and the largest volume in the domestic market (hereinafter referred to as Sanying packaging) has been actively promoting the technical exploration and innovation of its packaging products in terms of reduction and circular economy benefits.


Recently, the "ever green 01" recyclable and recycled design all plastic HDPE hose innovated and developed by Sanying packaging has obtained the dual certification of APR HDPE recyclable and recycled design key guidance agreement and bottle to bottle application test (CG + Ag). In the interview, Mr. Li Yanfeng, deputy general manager of Sanying packaging, said: "we are very willing to share Sanying's role in the" coating layer " The technical path, including some lessons learned in the R & D process, and I hope this packaging can help customers have more and better choices in considering the plastic circular economy. "

latest company news about Vice President Li Yanfeng of our company received an exclusive interview with CPRRA  0

Technology is always in rapid iteration. Packaging enterprises have the responsibility to practice circular economy and maintain the global environment with brands while creating beautiful products. Sanying packaging is looking forward to innovation and win-win with its peers to help the sustainable development of the industry.


Sanying packaging "ever green 01" all plastic recyclable HDPE hose solution


1 Replace EVOH barrier layer with "coating layer"

latest company news about Vice President Li Yanfeng of our company received an exclusive interview with CPRRA  1

President Li told the author that the early composite hose packaging solutions certified by APR took EVOH as the barrier material. For example, Colgate was the first one to pass the certification, and then essel and other packaging enterprises successively passed the certification.


Then when we applied for APR certification, we had two options: one was to refer to the scheme using EVOH as the barrier layer material, and the other was to use the coating layer as the barrier. Before making a decision, we conducted many discussions through cprra Association and expert team, and confirmed that the second scheme is more valuable, because APR certification itself is to recognize an international certification system that can more fully reflect the recycling value of plastic products.


Finally, we chose the latter, which means that we have to test the material itself and test the plastic products after the hose packaging is recycled, which is much more difficult than the certification with the mature scheme in the market. Using the second scheme, we have to face two core problems: one is the scope of material use; The second use cycle is how many times it can be recycled.


In view of these two problems, let's first look at the scheme using EVOH as the packaging barrier layer. Hose packaging protects its contents according to industry requirements. The thickness of barrier layer material must be 10 ~ 15 μ M, if this range is not reached, the freshness preservation, oxygen resistance and other functions of the packaging can not meet the standard, and there is also an adhesive layer between EVOH barrier layer and PE material, which will reach the thickness of 20 ~ 25 μ m; Then, if the coating scheme of Sakura is used, it only needs 1 ~ 2 μ The coating layer thickness of M and all other materials are made of PE, which meets the first core problem above. We can maximize the use proportion of PE materials. The second core issue is to consider the number of cycles. If a single material is used to the greatest extent, the recycled components will be more single, and the recyclable benefits will be greater. We hope to give the market more choices through this differentiated packaging solution, so that the plastic packaging can be 100% recycled.


President Li said that "ever green 01" all plastic HDPE hose is more thorough in the design of single material recyclable packaging. If the chemical cycle is widely used in the future, the purity of recycled materials after chemical recovery of this product will be very high. Dr. Wang Jun of Colgate is the first pioneer in the recyclable design of hose packaging, and Colgate's scheme has helped many peers in the industry to upgrade and improve their products. Then we also hope that the new products of Sanying packaging will provide more choices for peers. On this basis, we can improve our products and take fewer detours.


2. Sharpen a sword in ten years and focus on technological innovation


No success can be achieved overnight. President Li revealed that Sanying packaging's APR certified hose products were first proposed by Xiang Jianqiang, then Secretary General of China oral hygiene and care products industry association, in 2011. Sanying obtained a patent in 2013 after two years of research and development. It has been 10 years now. So why did we use the certification scheme today, because the "coating layer" mainly takes water-soluble substances as the carrier, with low solid content and high requirements for energy consumption during drying.


At that time, the overall cost was too high and could not be commercialized. However, with our upstream suppliers involved in product R & D, we carried out technical research on core problems such as volatilization performance, When the industry is relatively mature and the product cost is controllable, we put this scheme to the market.


3. Three market advantages give brands and peers a better choice


Next, President Li said that "ever green 01" all plastic HDPE hose has three advantages: first, it is a sustainable plastic packaging product developed from the perspective of the brand's social responsibility for plastic reduction, recycling and environmental protection; Second, the problem of "neck sticking" in the hose packaging industry has been solved. This year, the cost of EVOH materials continues to rise, and most EVOH production capacity is basically in the hands of Japanese enterprises.


Due to the limited production capacity, the material price will continue to rise in the future. For the coating materials we use, many enterprises at home and abroad are producing, the market supply is sufficient, and the cost is not high; Third, brands have personalized requirements for product packaging design, such as mirror, metal or highlight effects. In the past recyclable design, we can only tell customers to make it white or transparent, but in fact, in the detailed rules of APR certification, it does not mean that recyclable recycling can not do surface effect treatment, but first of all, it can not affect the reduction, In addition, after recycling and granulation, metal and other impurities cannot be detected. This is also the second phase ductility design of the "coating layer" scheme we are planning to provide customers with more personalized choices in the future.


Controlling environmental pollution requires the joint efforts of the whole industrial chain to find an effective closed-loop path

The problem of plastic pollution itself is not plastic, but the method of human use and management of plastic. First, we should reduce the disposable plastic, and then add the part of recycled plastic. For the development of domestic plastic recycling industry, it is necessary to explore and practice to establish a complete recovery and recycling system.


In view of this hot spot in the industry, President Li said that we use a single material to develop packaging, which is to go to the recycling route. Recycling means to form a closed loop. Since 2018, we began to use our own hose sheets to make packaging. Leftover materials are often produced in production. We recycle and crush all these leftover materials, make them into membrane materials, and then use them in packaging products. It is the first thing for our enterprise to open up the closed loop of recycling from the inside of production, and the core technical indicators such as composition and density of this waste can be fully controlled in the process of recycling.


From the perspective of the whole product industry chain, only a dozen domestic toothpaste industries can really achieve large-scale production. Unlike the food industry, which involves many varieties and scattered production, the toothpaste industry is small but concentrated. When we want to create some new models, there will be more room for operation.


Generally, toothpaste will enter the counters of supermarkets, and the sales channel is relatively single. If terminal brands, industry associations and hose packaging enterprises cooperate to explore a set of feasible schemes in terms of recycling methods, it is much easier for toothpaste tube products to open the closed loop of recycling and regeneration of packaging than food packaging. We have also considered making a recycling demonstration base to centrally recycle the toothpaste tubes after consumption. Since the main components of different brands of toothpaste are relatively close, if the cleaning, crushing and regeneration technology of recycled toothpaste tubes can be grafted, the closed loop of the whole industrial chain can be formed, which is a very meaningful thing. In this way, the single material design we have made can be truly valuable.


Development of Sanying packaging: continuous technological innovation based on customer interests and market demand


Sanying packaging was established in 1992 and moved from Shanghai to Taicang, Jiangsu Province in 2016. Since its establishment, Sanying has always maintained a leading position in the industry in patent application and technology research and development. In 2020, it has won the titles of "recognition of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province" and "Suzhou enterprise technology center".


President Li told the author that Sanying's growth has been maintained and will lead the industry into a packaging iteration cycle every four years. In the early days of its establishment, Sanying replaced tinplate packaging with composite packaging; In 1996, in the daily chemical industry, we began to replace the original hard packaging with composite packaging, which is the so-called concept of replacement package. At that time, JinFang, Miao housekeeper and other brands became our cooperative customers; Since 2000, Sanying has taken the lead in replacing the packaging of domestic toothpaste brands from aluminum tubes to composite hoses. At that time, domestic brands including LMZ, lengsuanling, Tianqi and so on LED and completed the packaging iteration with us; In 2004, we began to introduce the composite hose into the field of drug packaging. At that time, the drug certificate of the first composite hose in China was obtained by Sanying, and the national standard was also led by Sanying; In 2008, we introduced the composite hose into the field of cosmetics, which can reduce the packaging thickness by about 30% compared with the previous extruded tube.


In the 30 years of development, Sanying packaging has been constantly innovating. By trying to change the packaging product structure and introducing new design ideas, Sanying packaging maintains the industry demand and market profits of downstream enterprises. "Continuous innovation from the interests of customers" is the most important part of Sanying corporate culture.


In recent years, Sanying packaging has begun to develop the complex flexible packaging of single material. In addition to the "coating layer" all plastic HDPE hose, another main product is pure PE / PE composite flexible packaging, which mainly overcomes the 1-2kg heavy packaging high barrier liquid vertical bag with welding nozzle. This combination has relatively high technical requirements, We have almost integrated all the technical difficulties encountered in bag packaging design, made innovative attempts on a single material, and the initial technical demonstration has been completed.


Technological innovation is to meet the needs of the industry, comply with industry laws and regulations and meet the requirements of industry standards. Therefore, Sanying packaging has specially established a "standardization center" to escort technological innovation. President Li told the author that this department has three main responsibilities. The first is to ensure that all our packaging products comply with the requirements of industrial laws, regulations and standards. For example, the regulations and standards of different industries such as food, medicine and daily chemicals are different. From the perspective of use safety, any materials we develop must be evaluated by the "standardization center" for availability, Some materials are limited in application scenarios. For example, they are not allowed to be used in food and drugs, so the Department will make strict use specifications when purchasing raw materials; The second is to control the product's process roadmap. Track, record and control the process processes adopted and the changes of process processes; Third, we hope to simplify and standardize the product structure as much as possible, and guide customers to purchase standardized products, so that the use of materials can develop towards standardization, such as recycled plastics. In order to ensure that the packaging is easy to recycle and extend the application, we need to standardize the use of materials.


Finally, President Li summarized six words for the author to summarize the development concept of Sanying packaging:


1 "green"

In the future, we will still start from the product concept of green and environmental protection and base ourselves on the flexible packaging industry. At present, Sanying has the largest volume in the field of composite hose packaging in China. In the future, we will continue to make more innovations in hose packaging, such as further cultivating coating and evaporation technology; In terms of composite flexible packaging, we should deeply cultivate new values from the needs of brands' application scenarios; Actively exploring new development directions, such as environmentally friendly industrial packaging and new energy lithium battery film, are all areas we can explore. Sanying packaging has nearly 30 years of industry experience, and we are interested in trying to overcome almost all the difficulties in packaging.


2 "science and technology"

We can push a technological innovation to the market in 10 years. From this point, we can confirm that Sanying's core competitiveness is to use technological innovation to realize differentiated products that meet market demand and lead the market.

"Technology" is also reflected in the automation of production equipment, because in the process of product testing, due to personnel differences, errors in product testing will occur, which will lead to the brand's trust in packaged products. In 2019, we have implemented the scheme of all-round automatic detection and automatic elimination of cosmetic hose packaging from printing defects, molding defects and specification and size defects. In October this year, the first automatic detection and packaging line of toothpaste hose will also be accepted and delivered for use, which will be a new level in the whole composite pipe industry.


3 "open" three cherry trees

Back to our "coating layer" technology, it is not only a simple combination of materials, but also many functional extensions, such as water resistance, oil resistance, light resistance, etc. we are willing to share with the industry our path in "coating layer" technology, including some experiences and lessons we have summarized, We also hope that this product can give full play to good market benefits in circular economy.



Finally, President Li shared with the author, what is the real market? If only you can do it, it's not called the market. From the perspective of customers, they often pay more attention to whether the packaging can bring more added value to their brand while protecting the content, how to better understand the needs of the market environment and policies, how to better help the brand we serve fulfill its social responsibility and establish a more viscous customer relationship, Looking for partners with higher matching degree in demand and supply may be the problem that packaging enterprises should really think about.


Therefore, the market is open. In my impression, everyone began to focus on single materials. This proposition is that after the international plastics and rubber Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2019, the national goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization has become clearer and clearer, and the description of circular economy in the 14th five year plan is more intuitive and three-dimensional, Making packaging more valuable and entering the recycling system has become the consensus of the whole industry. How to form the standardization of packaging design, recycling and reuse, and better establish a standardized and feasible recycling system with our associations, brands and recycling manufacturers, so that everyone can join in. In this system, we try to advance the design, make recycling more convenient and run faster than anyone else. This is the real benign competitive market!


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