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Under the epidemic situation, the opportunities and challenges of cosmetics and its packaging industry!

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Under the epidemic situation, the opportunities and challenges of cosmetics and its packaging industry!
Latest company news about Under the epidemic situation, the opportunities and challenges of cosmetics and its packaging industry!

In 2020, New Coronavirus pneumonia swept the world. Cosmetics and its packaging industry, like other industries, were not affected by the previous situation. The domestic situation is very serious. Both men and women wear masks to go out, and bring changes to the daily skin care make-up of beauty lovers. Cosmetics sales have plummeted, and China's cosmetics industry is facing an extremely cruel life and death disaster. As its supporting packaging industry, it has also been implicated.


According to incomplete statistics, the sales of cosmetics in 2020 is only 70% of that in 2019. After the Spring Festival in 2021, the epidemic situation has been effectively controlled. When everyone is happy and ready to work, no one can expect that the epidemic situation will rebound in varying degrees. On April 1, Yunnan Ruili was closed due to the epidemic, Liaoning Yingkou was closed on May 14, and Anhui Lu'an was closed on May 18. From May 31, Guangzhou began to be semi closed and some areas were closed for management. Since May 21, more than 100 new crowns have been confirmed positive in Guangzhou. All staff in Guangzhou have been tested for nucleic acid. Hotels and other casinos have been closed, and restaurants cannot eat in the hall. Affected, as China's largest cosmetics production and wholesale base, Guangzhou, Meibo City, Xingfa square and other wholesale markets are in a semi closed state, and few guests come in and out. Cosmetics packers also lament that no one dares to pick up goods in the warehouse. It is rumored that Guangzhou is closed, and they dare not talk about business in Guangzhou.


The impact of the epidemic in the past two years has brought unlimited business opportunities to cosmetics and their supporting suppliers.


1、 During the epidemic period, the cosmetics and packaging industry was fully connected to the Internet of things, and there were unlimited business opportunities for live broadcasting. Kwai tiktok is the main young people in fashion, especially young women. The epidemic situation can not stop their love for beauty. They can not go out and buy through the Internet. In 2020, they even catch up with the air gap. Besides Taobao, live music is also a popular way to catch the live broadcast. Cosmetics brands have increased their efforts in online and live broadcasting. In 2020, cosmetics sales are basically online and live broadcasting, accounting for the mainstream. Cosmetics are sold online, and the supporting suppliers and packers can only receive orders through online communication. There is a shortage of professionals such as e-commerce, short video and live broadcasting, and experienced employees are very popular.


According to the statistics of major platforms, at present, cosmetics, jewelry and clothing are the top three in live broadcasting sales. In 2020, those who boldly do live broadcasting will make a lot of money. It is estimated that the live broadcasting of cosmetics will be more prosperous this year. Everyone is standing on the same starting line of live broadcasting, and the opportunity belongs to everyone with insight.


2、 The sales of low-grade cosmetics has become a hot spot, and the risk of cash flow management has increased. Unlike the on-site experience of physical stores, e-commerce and live broadcasting bring goods, which makes the consultant unable to experience and feel the real color, taste, feel and comfort of the products. Such low-grade products are continuously brought to consumers from live broadcasting and online, which greatly reduces the satisfaction of consumers. At the same time, it is impossible to predict the risk degree of the epidemic. Network and live broadcasting are always one-to-one retail, unlike a large number of offline wholesale, cash flow and inventory have become the greatest pressure for businesses. Powerful enterprises can survive safely, while enterprises with small financial strength make it worse. Enterprises that can survive need and maintain sufficient cash flow, Standardize the use of funds and increase the pressure resistance.


3、 Highlight the characteristics of the minority, and the sword takes the wrong edge. In the face of any crisis, there will always be opportunities. In the life and death situation mentioned by Taiji, there will be life and death, and there will be life if there is death. Life and death restrain and promote each other, and there is vitality everywhere. We know that SARS has made Alibaba and JD in the field of e-commerce and New Oriental in the field of education. We can also see that in 2020, many cosmetics brands also launched many features and won many orders. Although the logistics stopped and could not be delivered, these enterprises could make a lot of profits when they were unsealed.


Any industry, when full of business opportunities, also faces many challenges. If the crisis is not handled well, it often forces itself to a dead end.

1、 Increase talent competition and promote industry reshuffle. During the epidemic, Matthew effect is emerging in the cosmetics industry, that is, the stronger the strong, the weaker the weak. Enterprises with e-commerce layout and live broadcasting are doing well, while enterprises without online layout are facing bankruptcy. The competition of enterprises is also the competition of talents. When the epidemic comes, knowledgeable enterprises are the first to compete for talents. Talents such as e-commerce operation experts, art workers, copywriters and video shooting are attracted in advance, which has played a great role during the epidemic. The fundamental reason why many small enterprises are unable to carry out online business is that there are no online operation talents and supporting talents. Temporary recruitment can neither recruit nor manage, so there is no way to start. Therefore, the industry will be shuffled, and the market share and resources will be more and more concentrated in enterprises with talents who understand the network and live broadcasting. Small and micro enterprises without talents and resources can only look for slim opportunities in the cracks.


How to recruit, train and retain talents should be the key to enterprise online marketing during the epidemic.


2、 Product formula, appearance design and product positioning are more prominent. The cosmetics industry is a very large industry, involving many participants. The upstream, middle and downstream of the cosmetics industry and the upstream of the cosmetics industry mainly involve raw material suppliers, brand parties and agent factories. These three parties complete the formulation, design, positioning and product production of cosmetics. In the middle reaches of the industry, brands, distributors and media are responsible for brand publicity and marketing promotion of cosmetics, and consumers are in the lower reaches. Online and live sales, consumers often see your publicity materials and anchor introduction, and can't understand the product through experience, so product positioning, product pictures, copywriting and publicity skills are very important. If the brand doesn't have its own characteristics, it will soon disappear in the sea of the Internet.

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