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Three new trends of beauty industry in 2021

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Three new trends of beauty industry in 2021
Latest company news about Three new trends of beauty industry in 2021



Packaging is very important for cosmetics. After all, the first thing consumers see is the appearance of goods. For the new generation of young consumers, sometimes they love cosmetics packaging more than cosmetics themselves. They often buy products they don't need for a high-value bottle and jar.


According to the report recently released by markets and markets, the world's second largest market consulting company, the scale of the global cosmetics packaging market is expected to increase from 2020 USD 49.4 billion (about RMB) 345.51 billion yuan) to 2025 USD 60.9 billion (about RMB) 425.94 billion yuan )。 The report points out that the rapid development of the global cosmetics packaging industry is mainly due to the growing global demand for cosmetics. What are the new trends in cosmetic packaging in 2021?



Cross border joint names highlight interest and topic



In the past two years, cross-border joint events in the beauty industry have emerged one after another. Many people say that the routine has been out-of-date. Although the cross-border joint branding method is no longer worth touting, it is indeed a shortcut to realize creativity for the packaging appearance of cosmetics, and can quickly catch the attention of consumers. The combination between different things means that almost unlimited possibilities can be created.



Environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging



In recent years, with the prevalence of beauty economy, the demand for beauty products has increased sharply, and the global cosmetics market share has broken through in 2019 US $500 billion, including the consumption of essential packaging resources, challenges the environmental sustainability of beauty brands.


More and more beauty brands pay more attention to the sustainable development of the environment while pursuing product sales. Environmental protection is the most discussed topic today. Nowadays, a large number of young Chinese consumers have become more and more aware of environmental protection.


In order to express their support for environmental protection and their contribution and behavior to environmental protection, they will be happy to buy such cosmetics.


According to foreign reports, some brands have developed the technology of using bacterial cellulose to make cosmetics instead of plastic packaging paper. Bacterial cellulose, also known as "microbial cellulose", has good biological adaptability and degradability.

It is a cutting-edge technology to reduce environmental pollution. Environmentally friendly packaging is not only the inevitable trend of the development of cosmetic packaging, but also an important technology for cosmetic brands to enhance their competitiveness. In the future, environmental protection will be a very great competitiveness of cosmetics brands.



Antiviral packaging is the trend



According to public reports incomplete statistics, since July, China has repeatedly found COVID-19 on imported frozen food packaging. Some studies have shown that the virus survives best on the plastic surface. Under general environmental conditions, the virus that can only survive for three hours in the air can survive for about three days on plastic.


With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, consumers will worry that the products they contact are not clean, and cosmetics are no exception. Therefore, anti-virus packaging may become a trend.


Packaging News magazine and American Sun Chemical Company( Sun Chemical) conducted a survey according to 267 readers responded that they were willing to spend more money on protective packaging Products. Special researchers have found that cinnamon essential oil can decompose the outer cell membrane and mitochondria of bacteria, make bacteria permeable and finally decompose.


In addition, a new study by University College London found an anti-virus coating, which is made of micro gold clusters embedded in crystal violet polymer. Under light, crystal violet will produce a kind of reactive oxygen species, which can prevent cross infection after human contact with products by destroying bacterial protective film and DNA, and play a very important role in the epidemic period.






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