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The harm of excessive packaging of goods is not small, but why is it difficult to stop despite repeated prohibitions?

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The harm of excessive packaging of goods is not small, but why is it difficult to stop despite repeated prohibitions?
Latest company news about The harm of excessive packaging of goods is not small, but why is it difficult to stop despite repeated prohibitions?

In recent years, excessive packaging of goods has frequently triggered heated discussion. In 2020, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau found that 12 of the 50 batches of goods were suspected of excessive packaging, of which the unqualified rate of cosmetics packaging was as high as 70%.

Why is it difficult to stop excessive packaging of goods despite repeated prohibitions?
"Packaging has several basic functions, such as containing products, protecting products, labeling information and promotion. One-sided emphasis on the promotion function may lead to excessive packaging." Han Xueshan said that the packaging specifications of different commodities are different, but generally speaking, 10% of the commodity price can be used as packaging to realize the basic function of packaging; However, some businesses intend to improve the added value of goods with the help of exquisite packaging, increase the "gold content", or distinguish products with packaging to create differences, which is far beyond the basic function of packaging, and even suspected of fraud.
China Consumer Association has pointed out that where the packaging volume significantly exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeds 30% of the commodity price, it may be judged as "commercial fraud" that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers.
From the perspective of packaging enterprises, some enterprises also have problems such as insufficient estimation of packaging force and insufficient control ability.
"In order to deal with the bumps and damages that may be encountered in all links of storage, transportation and sales, it is necessary for merchants to carry out protective packaging for goods." Sun Junjun, general manager of Zhejiang dashengda Packaging Co., Ltd., introduced that at present, there are more than 430000 packaging enterprises in China, including more than 8800 Enterprises above the designated size. Some small packaging enterprises do not estimate the force value of packaging enough and have weak control ability, which is easy to lead to excessive packaging in order to improve the safety factor.
"Limiting excessive packaging also depends on the continuous change of consumer awareness." In Han Xueshan's view, for a long time, due to the lack of mandatory standards, relevant measures have been difficult to really implement. The introduction of the new standard will help gradually reverse the packaging awareness of merchants and consumers from both sides of supply and demand. "Only by forming a broader concept of green environmental protection among the majority of consumers, not blindly following the packaging, focusing on the product itself, and leading the new supply with new demand, can lightweight and reduced packaging become a common practice."
How to subtract?
Implement standards, innovate technology, innovate design... Make concerted efforts to promote new fashion
In recent years, with the concept of green development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it has gradually become a consensus to improve commodity packaging from aesthetic design rather than complex packaging. The whole industry chain makes concerted efforts to promote the formation of a new packaging fashion.
Upstream, businesses innovate design to increase practicability. For example, the mid autumn moon cake gift box launched by a merchant strictly controls the packaging to three layers. At the same time, the solid and transparent acrylic box is used as the inner packaging, supplemented by the moon theme design, which can not only effectively protect the product, but also be reused as a storage box.
Midstream, packaging enterprises innovate technology, improve quality and efficiency. Through the development of artificial intelligence packaging design system, a company uses the accumulated case database and external resource database to quickly provide several structural and graphic design schemes according to customer needs, and uses appropriate packaging materials to achieve effective mechanical support for products, so as to reduce the use of packaging materials and reduce the design cost at the same time.
Downstream, e-commerce platforms encourage and guide, and encourage original packaging. "Original packaging refers to the packaging form in which the goods have protective function in the process of logistics and transportation and can be delivered directly without secondary packaging." According to the relevant person in charge of JD logistics, JD logistics encourages upstream enterprises to implement the original packaging through warehousing preferential policies. At present, thousands of goods have been delivered directly from the factory, reducing the use of more than 200 million logistics cartons and about 125000 tons of paper.
It is a long-term project to control the excessive packaging of goods. Experts suggest that while accelerating the improvement of relevant standards and policies, businesses should also be encouraged and guided to use recyclable and degradable materials as much as possible when choosing packaging materials; Support packaging enterprises to actively use new technologies to innovate packaging design and develop new materials with high strength and light weight.
"With the introduction and implementation of the new standards and the continuous deepening of the concept of green environmental protection in the industrial chain, the formation of new trends will be accelerated." Han Xueshan revealed that at present, the revision of the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of goods is also being accelerated, and the relevant systems for restricting excessive packaging of goods will be improved after its introduction.


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