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The excessive packaging of "puffiness" should be slimmed down

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The excessive packaging of "puffiness" should be slimmed down
Latest company news about The excessive packaging of "puffiness" should be slimmed down

Recently, Ms. Chen, a Beijing citizen, bought a lipstick online. When she received the express unpacking, she couldn't help sighing that the merchant's packaging was flashy - she opened the carton the size of a shoebox, inside was a ribbon gift box, opened the gift box was a cloth packaging bag, and inside was a small carton two fingers wide. After peeling off the plastic film and packaging box, she finally saw lipstick.


Not only cosmetics, but also online shopping food generally has excessive packaging disorder of "dolls" gift boxes and large boxes with small cakes. Previously, some consumers spent hundreds of yuan to buy a strawberry gift box and opened the packaging of the inner and outer layers, but there were only 25 strawberries in it. Such fancy excessive packaging can not help but make consumers deeply doubt whether they are paying for goods or packaging?


Large packaging of small objects, heavy packaging of light objects and repeated packaging will not only increase the purchase cost of consumers, but also cause waste of resources and environmental pollution. According to research, China's packaging waste accounts for about 30% to 40% of urban domestic waste. Many of these packaging waste are produced by excessive packaging. In itself, it is an excessive packaging that wastes resources, which brings greater pressure to environmental carrying and waste disposal.


Proper packaging of goods can not only improve the appearance of products and attract consumers to buy, but also avoid bumps in transportation, sales and other links. However, the increasingly "puffy" excessive packaging obviously deviates from the original intention of protective packaging, which is fueled by the profit seeking purpose of businesses.


With the help of exquisite packaging, the grade of goods can be improved and the price can be increased several times. The exaggerated layers of packaging create more space for lack of weight. China Consumer Association has pointed out that where the packaging volume significantly exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeds 30% of the commodity price, it may be judged as "commercial fraud" that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers.


Obviously, whether it is based on the perspective of green development or from the perspective of safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers, it is urgent to reduce the excessive packaging of "puffiness". In September 2021, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the newly revised mandatory national standard "restrictions on excessive packaging of goods: Food and cosmetics", which imposed quantitative restrictions on the number of packaging layers, cost, void ratio and other indicators, and defined the bottom line of food and cosmetics packaging.


The new standard will be implemented from September 2023. The two-year transition period actually gives enough time for adjustment in the field of food and cosmetics. This also means that relevant enterprises must have the determination to replace flashy and excessive packaging with beautiful and practical light packaging according to the standards and from the aspects of aesthetic design and packaging materials. After all, the adjustment time is limited. If the relevant enterprises still don't hit the south wall and don't look back, the regulatory authorities also need to take the initiative to force the enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility with severe punishment.


At the same time, curbing excessive packaging and promoting the formation of a new packaging fashion are also inseparable from the participation of every consumer. In a sense, excessive packaging is profitable. In fact, it is also related to consumers' blind pursuit of visual effects and excessive emphasis on the attributes of commodity gifts. Excessive pursuit of external packaging, but ignoring the more essential product itself, will only make the idiom story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl" staged in reality. Therefore, in daily shopping, consumers also need to actively cultivate the concept of green, low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection, not blindly follow the packaging, focus on the product itself, and let the "excessive packaging" lose the market.

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