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The boundary of recyclable materials is being infinitely enlarged!

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The boundary of recyclable materials is being infinitely enlarged!
Latest company news about The boundary of recyclable materials is being infinitely enlarged!

1. Recyclable material applications, brands in action


Environmental pollution brought by cosmetics packaging, coupled with consumers' gradual recognition of the concept of environmental protection packaging, a bottom-up environmental protection packaging reform is under way.


Both empty bottle recycling and Research on environmental protection materials are difficult to implement at the application level, and the most difficult is the establishment of the whole recycling system.


The habit of recycling has not been formed in China, and the imperfection of the front-end waste classification system increases the difficulty of post-treatment; On the other hand, due to the late start of domestic recycling, the overall recycling technology is still relatively backward, resulting in the high cost of recycling.


Once, international giant brands have proposed to increase the application of green materials such as recycled plastics and degradable plastics in product packaging, but due to cost factors, few brands and enterprises can really practice green packaging.


Green packaging is increasingly valued by cosmetics brands. Paper packaging materials may replace today's plastic packaging materials in the future.


At this stage, there are still a few brands on the market that directly choose paper as the packaging (cosmetic container) of skin care or make-up products.


So, is it possible for paper packaging materials to replace today's plastic packaging materials and become more common materials in the beauty industry in the future?


In fact, this is not the first time an international brand has used environmentally friendly packaging. Previously, P & G launched a haifeisi shampoo bottle made of 25% recycled marine plastic. The sustainable development of cosmetic packaging is not a new topic.


2. It is a general trend to reduce the use of plastic products in packaging


In order to solve the problem that plastic and glass packaging materials are difficult to degrade and pollute the environment, major brands have made great efforts in empty bottle recycling and the application of environmental protection materials.


Keyan and Lancome joined hands with terracycle to launch the "empty bottle recycling" plan; Yintai department store has also cooperated with Octopus recycling to launch the cosmetics "empty bottle recycling plan".


Empty bottle recycling can not only prevent bad businesses from making secondary profits by using empty bottles, but also establish the environmental image of the brand in the hearts of consumers.


In addition to empty bottle recycling, more brands choose to reduce the use of plastic packaging materials and increase the application of green packaging materials.


The paper tubular packaging launched by L'Oreal Group has reduced the plastic content by 45%. P & G also recently announced that 90% of the recycled paper packaging will be invested in the deodorant brands Old Spice and secret. Some domestic cutting-edge brands such as orange flower have also launched some paper packaging products.


Cosmetics giants are publicly promising to reduce the use of plastic products in packaging.


Public information shows that P & G promises to reduce the use of fresh plastics for packaging by 50% by 2030; Unilever promises that by 2025, the group will reduce the absolute use of more than 100000 tons of plastic packaging and accelerate the use of renewable plastics, so as to halve the use of new plastics; In 2018, L'Oreal formulated the sustainable development commitment of "realizing 100% environmental protection of product packaging by 2020". The promotion and application of paper packaging is an important part.


International Packaging giants are also strengthening the research and development of environmentally friendly materials.


For example, the ecoform renewable material launched by Knoll prestige packaging, the world's leading luxury packaging manufacturer, is made of bamboo, sugarcane and wood, which can achieve 100% biodegradation. Geka, a world-renowned cosmetics packaging and cosmetic tool company, has launched a biodegradable Mascara product. Its outer packaging is made from two degradable materials of cork and cotton, and 84% of the brush heads come from sugarcane.


According to a report recently released by markets and markets, the world's second largest market consulting company, the scale of the global cosmetics packaging market is expected to grow from US $49.4 billion (about 345.51 billion yuan) in 2020 to US $60.9 billion (about 425.94 billion yuan) in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.03%.


The report points out that the demand for innovative, high-quality and unique packaging design will be a key factor in the growing cosmetics packaging market in the next few years.


At present, in the domestic beauty market, some products tend to be similar in packaging design. Therefore, imagine that the brand may explore more diversified ways to innovate the appearance of beauty products through changes in materials (such as paper packaging materials).


In addition, the implementation of paper packaging is largely in line with the current popular trend of green environmental protection, and its excellent degradability is more in line with the buyer's imagination of "natural harmless" products.

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