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Sustainable development cooperation is further upgraded, and Unilever and Ali lead a green future

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Sustainable development cooperation is further upgraded, and Unilever and Ali lead a green future
Latest company news about Sustainable development cooperation is further upgraded, and Unilever and Ali lead a green future

On November 6, 2021, Shanghai - Unilever, together with Alibaba group, announced the "digital synergy, green win-win" plan during the fourth China International Import Expo. The sustainable development cooperation between the two sides will be upgraded. In the future, Unilever will deepen innovation cooperation in the fields of green supply chain, green digital marketing system, green shelves and so on, Build a new business model with both commercial value and social responsibility, and lead the green and sustainable development of FMCG industry.

Promoting carbon peaking, carbon neutralization and realizing green economic and social transformation is an important choice for China to deal with global climate change and build a community of human and natural life. Recently, the notice on the action plan for reaching the peak by 2030 issued by the State Council sent a clear signal calling on enterprises to actively adapt to the requirements of green and low-carbon development, strengthen the awareness of environmental responsibility and improve the level of green innovation. Shouldering the corporate mission of "normalizing sustainable life", Unilever actively responded to the carbon peak goal and jointly opened a new chapter of sustainable cooperative development with Alibaba.
Boost green consumption and three innovations enable the sustainable development of FMCG industry
In order to promote the green development of the FMCG industry and further support the achievement of the double carbon goal, the deepening cooperation between the two sides will mainly focus on the three fields of green supply chain, green digital marketing system and green shelf to build a new business model of the FMCG industry in multiple directions.
In terms of building a green digital marketing system, Unilever will work with Alibaba to listen to consumers' feedback and demand with the support of intelligent technology, and launch mechanisms such as "green commodity recommendation engine", "green commodity code" and "green commodity standard" on this basis. The two sides also put the "green digital marketing" activity on the agenda to enhance consumers' green consumption concept and guide low-carbon fashion.
During the "double 11" this year, Unilever has selected the plastic free and recyclable green logistics solution provided by rookies; In terms of green shelves, Unilever will actively support the "green venue" opened by tmall and guide consumers to participate in green and low-carbon consumption through green low-carbon products. In the future, Unilever will work with tmall, tmall supermarket, RT mart and other platform partners to explore the cooperation and co construction of daily green shelves.
Continue to create genes together and lead the new track of social change with cutting-edge actions
Based on the common grasp of the pulse of the times, Unilever and Alibaba have carried out a number of close cooperation on the road of low-carbon development. At the site of the third China International Fair, Unilever and Alibaba jointly released the sustainable project "plastic removal action", which is a "zero waste" green action of Unilever to help the plastic circular economy and reduce carbon emissions. It is also the actual response of Unilever China to the commitment of "plastic reduction".
The project is committed to building the first large-scale AI closed-loop plastic recycling system in China, improving the quality of plastic recycling, and then optimizing the plastic recycling process. It has been selected into the United Nations excellent practice case library for sustainable development. The recycling equipment with AI recognition function is launched offline to automatically identify the recycled plastic bottles, and then the plastic bottles are transported to the recycled plastic processing center, so that these high-quality plastics can be reused after processing and processing, so as to form a plastic closed loop. AI intelligent recycling box, which plays a key role in the plastic cleaning action, also appeared at Unilever's booth to guide more consumers to participate in the action of helping the plastic circular economy.
In addition to cooperation in the field of sustainability, Unilever also released the "Unilever + Internet platform digital capability co construction" plan in March this year, which is jointly committed to the construction of social digital capability and digital talents with Alibaba, combined with the advantages of the Internet platform, jointly build a digital ecosystem and build a digital platform benchmark in the industry.
Digital construction and sustainable development are important propositions for the high-quality development of China's economy and society. The cooperation between Unilever and Alibaba continues the same original intention and continues to inject new momentum into the realization of social transformation goals.
Looking forward to the green future, the mission leads and seeks a new journey together
With the gradual progress of realizing the double carbon goal, the construction of ecological environment has attracted more and more attention from all parties. Unilever not only started early on the road of green development, but also committed to making new leaps in the process of moving forward. Unilever takes "mission driven, fit for the future" as its new compass for development, and covers the concept of "sustainability" to the whole industrial chain and the whole life cycle. Unilever is arranged in three dimensions: first, to help improve the health of the earth, second, to improve people's health, self-confidence and happiness, and third, to help build a fairer and more inclusive society.
Exploring the possibility of green consumption with Alibaba is another practice of Unilever's sustainable mission. For the future cooperation plan, Unilever proposed the 2025 e-commerce green packaging strategy, which pointed out the need to reduce carbon emissions, expand the sustainable footprint and create the best consumer unpacking experience. In order to realize this strategy, Unilever has designed four ways: shipping in the original case, the warehouse does not need to pack again after factory packaging, and it can be directly sent to consumers with a waybill to reduce secondary packaging; Recyclable turnover box; Reduce the use of primary plastics and use recyclable primary packaging and secondary consumables; Recyclable and packaging simplified.
Long Jiahua, President of Unilever North Asia, said: "Unilever has always been committed to becoming a global leader in sustainable business. This upgrade of sustainable cooperation with Alibaba is based on the consensus of both sides on the concept of green development and corporate social responsibility. In the future, Unilever will continue to promote sustainable and responsible growth with its business model of" mission driven and fit for the future "and work with its partners to create a better future."
Jing Jie, vice president of Alibaba group, pointed out: "Alibaba is willing to become a partner of all enterprises committed to sustainable development. We hope to help partners improve the closed-loop operation link through product-based solutions, stimulate and influence consumer behavior, and finally form a business model in which the brand can operate continuously for a long time and create social value."
Unilever has always been at the forefront of promoting green transformation and accelerating sustainable development, and is committed to developing a new version of the green cause. On the first anniversary of the "plastic cleaning action", Unilever and Alibaba jointly announced the innovation and upgrading of sustainable cooperation, which is Unilever's solemn commitment to exploring green development. Facing the future road, Unilever will continue to realize "Normalization of sustainable life" as the former action force, actively carry out co construction and sharing with all forces, and write high-quality answers for green development.
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