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Pure beauty brand "emerging" ingredients, safe packaging and environmental protection are most valued

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Pure beauty brand "emerging" ingredients, safe packaging and environmental protection are most valued
Latest company news about Pure beauty brand "emerging" ingredients, safe packaging and environmental protection are most valued

The packaging of face cream and sunscreen produced from natural materials can be replaced and supplemented, or biodegradable paper packaging can be used - in recent two years, domestic pure beauty brands have started to emerge, and pure color cosmetics brands are "clustered". It is believed that the safety of ingredients, people-oriented and environmental protection of packaging are the most important.


Imported brand registration in China


"Self made" Guide of Domestic Industry Associations


What is pure beauty? At present, there is no official standard for pure cosmetics at home and abroad. Brands, retailers and platforms are setting their own standards.


In March 2022, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Provisions on the Administration of Registration and Filing Materials of Cosmetics (hereinafter referred to as the "Provisions") to relax the requirements on animal experiments of cosmetics entering the Chinese market. Subsequently, a large number of imported brands of pure beauty cosmetics that refused to conduct animal experiments began to be put on record in the Food and Drug Administration, preparing for official entry into China.


In July and August of the same year, Guangdong Cosmetics Society and Shanghai Daily Chemical Industry Association jointly issued two standards related to pure cosmetics, defining the concept and preparation process of pure cosmetics. Not only natural ingredients and natural derived ingredients are key words, but also relevant standards have been put forward in product design, production, packaging, storage and transportation, and even in use and recovery.


Green raw materials and green packaging are the "foundation"


Pure beauty emphasizes "sustainability"


According to the Market Trend and Consumer Research of Green and Pure Beauty Makeup, in the past year, many major international beauty brands have deployed pure beauty cosmetics. L'Oreal, Clarins Parent Company and Oushudan have successively acquired natural beauty or pure beauty brands from their subsidiaries. Domestic pure beauty brands have begun to emerge. Pure beauty brands are "clustered", and green raw materials and green packaging are used as basic configurations to make "pure beauty" evolve into "sustainable beauty".


Specifically, green raw materials run through the whole life cycle of products to ensure that the carbon footprint can be calculated and tracked. First, choose renewable resources as the source of raw materials, seek to replace the traditional raw materials that are derived from derivatives, such as bio based raw materials, sustainable planting, picking, mining and manufacturing processes, and emphasize the treatment of animals and "zero cruelty"; During the production and preparation process, select ingredients that meet relevant standards to prepare reaction types and preparations, or adopt innovative and environment-friendly production and preparation methods to save energy in the production process, and reduce and properly dispose of waste and emissions in the production process; In addition, the surplus materials should be environmentally friendly, including biodegradable and marine ecological friendly.


Green packaging includes packaging reduction, reusable packaging and packaging recycling. Through replacement, simplified packaging, recyclable packaging, and the use of biodegradable, compostable, waste upgrading materials innovation, "less manufacturing, recycling" is achieved.


Generation Z still has doubts


Awareness needs to be improved


The survey shows that the safety of ingredients, people orientation and environmental protection of packaging are the most important aspects of cosmetic safety. Avoiding excessive packaging, using degradable or recyclable materials, and production processes that do not cause or cause minimal pollution to the environment are the top three indicators that respondents consider "environmentally friendly". In addition, although the awareness of "pure beauty" is not high, the public generally accepts this concept: although most consumers have not used pure beauty products, the products they want to buy coincide with the concept of pure beauty.


Relevant institutions have mentioned that the main promoters of the Asian pure beauty movement are the young millennials and Generation Z who pay attention to environmental protection. They not only advocate the positioning of pure beauty, but also have the courage to expose those brands that use the concept of purity or environmental protection to make false publicity.


However, a media survey of more than 200 Generation Z consumers found that 40.59% had never heard of the concept of pure beauty and 83% had never bought it. Moreover, 8.33% of consumers believe that pure beauty is just a "fake" concept, saying that they "do not want to be cut leeks". Only 22.77% of consumers refused animal testing and used environment-friendly materials for pure cosmetics.


It can be seen that the post-00s consumers are quite alert to many consumerism concepts coming from their faces. Therefore, in order to further spread pure beauty cosmetics, we need to find a more appropriate way to talk with consumers.

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