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Packaging needs slimming

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Packaging needs slimming
Latest company news about Packaging needs slimming

The average daily business volume is about 300 million pieces and the average daily service users are more than 500 million person times. With the rapid development of China's express industry, the problems of packaging waste and environmental pollution are becoming increasingly prominent. How to make express packaging "thin" has become the industry's demand for green packaging. According to the relevant person in charge of the State Post Office, in the mail express packaging, the recycling rate of cartons is very high, and the pollution and waste are mainly in the express plastic bag packaging. Plastic bag, plastic tape and plastic buffer inside express are known as the "three major pollutants" of express industry.


Express over packaging and serious garbage pollution are common problems. How to "downsize" and reduce the amount at the source is nothing more than promoting the recycling of packaging, changing the packaging mode and realizing standardization and refinement.


In addition, in recent years, the national level has put forward many requirements in terms of systems and norms for the Green Governance of express packaging, such as the formulation of the measures for the management of mail express packaging Requirements for limiting excessive packaging in express industry, industry standards, etc.


At the same time, in theory, packaging recycling and reduction of link use are also conducive to cost saving. However, packaging reduction, saving and environmental protection have not formed the consciousness of the industry. The big reason is the lack of sufficient stimulation of packaging cost. On the one hand, the application cost is low.


Plastic packaging and one-time packaging are both pursuing the minimization of cost, which is very similar to the prohibition of plastic, which makes the substitution and saving a bottleneck. For example, the recycling of packaging, the cost of recycling and reuse is higher than that of new packaging.


Naturally, there is a lack of application power, and it is impossible to conserve the recycling chain; For another example, packaging is closely related to express transportation, and reducing the use of fillers means that it is necessary to improve and optimize the safe transportation conditions of express, and packaging may be the transfer of the lowest safety cost. On the other hand, the illegal cost is low.


We have formulated standards to deal with excessive packaging. Exceeding the standards is illegal. I'm afraid we can't change the dilemma that the law is not responsible for the public and standards are not implemented only by repeated orders and painstaking efforts of policies, but also by relying on strict management and severe punishment of supervision. Only when the punishment is painful and the price is paid can businesses wake up from their infatuation with packaging and pay attention to packaging reduction and simplicity, Accelerate the integration of goods and express packaging.


It can be seen that promoting the "thin" body of express packaging is also an economic arithmetic problem. We need to create an economic lever to pry and force. On the one hand, improve the environmental protection and economic policies, increase the tax rate of disposable packaging materials, especially plastics and products, give tax preference or financial subsidies to the R & D, production, recycling and circulation of environmental protection packaging materials and products and recycling packaging, increase the packaging cost, and encourage environmental substitution, recycling and resource conservation; On the other hand, improve the laws and regulations on punishment of excessive packaging, arm the "teeth" of supervision and governance, and enhance the implementation of packaging specifications and standards.


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