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New national standard helps packaging "light"

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New national standard helps packaging "light"
Latest company news about New national standard helps packaging "light"
There are too many layers of packaging, too large void ratio and too luxurious... Many consumers report that some food and cosmetics enterprises in the market still have excessive packaging, non environmental protection and non saving, which exceeds the basic function of packaging itself. In response to this phenomenon, the State Administration of Market Supervision recently issued the newly revised mandatory national standard of limiting excessive packaging requirements for goods, food and cosmetics, which will be implemented from September 2023.
The broad interpretation of over packaging is that there are too many consumables, too heavy weight, too large volume, too high cost, too gorgeous decoration and so on. It is true that the beautiful and generous packaging is conducive to commodity sales, and appropriate packaging is necessary. However, excessive packaging has gone to the other extreme, exaggerating the function of packaging, misleading the concept of consumption and damaging the interests of consumers and society. Excessive packaging consumes resources excessively, makes the society bear the excessive packaging cost, encourages the social luxury and hides corruption. Its harm is incompatible with the traditional virtues of simplicity and thrift advocated by the Chinese nation, and runs counter to the trend of the times of green environmental protection.
A survey conducted by the social investigation center of China Youth Daily shows that among the 4306 people interviewed, 97.5% of the respondents believe that the current phenomenon of over packaging of goods is serious, of which 76.0% think it is very serious. Another study shows that China's packaging waste accounts for 30% to 40% of municipal solid waste. Most of these packaging wastes are produced by excessive packaging. In view of this, the new national standard imposes strict restrictions on the packaging specifications of food and cosmetics, which used to be the "big family" of excessive packaging. People expect to play the role of "terminator" of excessive packaging after the implementation of the new national standard. The new national standard strictly refines the packaging standards, specifies the requirements for packaging porosity, packaging layers and packaging cost, as well as the corresponding calculation, detection and judgment methods, which is convenient for consumers to measure and compare, and it is easier to identify whether it belongs to excessive packaging.
At the same time, the new national standard to be implemented after September 2023 has reserved a two-year transition period, so that food and cosmetics manufacturers need to carry out compliance design for product packaging according to the requirements of the new standard, and synchronously consume inventory packaging and goods for sale, so as to avoid wasting stock packaging. According to the regulations, after the transition period, the reproduction and sale of food and cosmetics that do not meet the new standards will not be allowed in the market. Therefore, relevant enterprises must change their thinking, seize the time, digest the existing packaging and commodities during the transition period, design the packaging scheme in line with the new national standard as soon as possible, and say "Bye" to the concept of complete and excessive packaging.
From the development process of social civilization, with the gradual awakening of the public's awareness of environmental protection, the excessive packaging of goods will also be abandoned by the market and turn to design from complexity to simplicity and the use of green materials. Therefore, when China vigorously advocates the development of green economy and strives to achieve the goal of "double carbon", all sectors of society should strengthen publicity, guide simple and rational consumption ideas, and cultivate a healthy and upward social spirit. Governments, competent departments and industry associations at all levels should strengthen guidance, further improve the mandatory packaging standards for high-end consumer goods and special commodities and the management measures for recycling packaging waste, vigorously guide enterprises to establish and enhance the concept of simple packaging, oppose excessive packaging and promote appropriate packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs and resources. Consumers should also fulfill their obligations and responsibilities, actively refuse excessive packaging, so as to form a market force, force enterprises to accelerate the pace of change and curb excessive packaging from the source.
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