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Let light packaging be the new trend

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Let light packaging be the new trend
Latest company news about Let light packaging be the new trend



Let light packaging be the new trend‍





In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and increasingly diversified consumer demand, the phenomenon of excessive packaging "occurs repeatedly" and the patterns are constantly renovated. Excessive packaging not only brings trouble to consumers, but also becomes a practical problem related to environmental protection and green development. For commodities, packaging plays a role of wrapping and decoration. Historically, packaging materials were generally derived from nature. With the substantial increase in productivity, packaging materials are gradually changing to paper, plastic, glass, etc. At the same time, the development of printing, color painting and other processes has helped to make the packaging more exquisite. Therefore, the functions of packaging are also enriched. Nowadays, the design and production level of packaging not only highlights the commodity value to a certain extent, but also affects consumers' purchase decisions. Especially in the trend of online shopping, packaging has become an indispensable link of express transportation, and plays a special role in protecting goods and avoiding loss.‍







latest company news about Let light packaging be the new trend  0

Why is there an over packaging problem?





In fact, whether it's flashy gift box packaging or express goods with too tight packages, it can't get around the psychology of businessmen seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages.


For businesses, in the face of homogenization of production and sales and increasingly fierce market competition, it is better to work hard on packaging for "high cost performance" than to spend a lot of time and energy to improve product quality. Some consumers have deep feelings about this: if the packaging of goods with similar quality is more exquisite and gorgeous, the price will often be a little higher. In order to seek higher profits, some businesses tend to heavy packaging, light products and even excessive packaging.


In addition, in express transportation, once the goods are damaged, businesses often need to bear the corresponding losses. In order to ensure that the goods are in good condition, the most simple and direct way is to pack more rather than less.‍







In the long run, the negative effects of excessive packaging can not be ignored. On the one hand, excessive packaging needs to consume a lot of paper, tape, plastic foam and other materials, resulting in waste of resources.


On the other hand, the excess and excess packaging recycling rate is low, especially the disposable packaging materials such as adhesive tape and plastic foam are often discarded, and this kind of garbage is difficult to deal with and difficult to degrade. It is likely to cause long-term pollution to water, soil and air.


In addition, some inferior packaging contains plasticizers, excessive heavy metals and toxic organics, which are easy to damage consumers' health through skin contact.


In fact, excessive packaging is not a new topic, which has long attracted social attention, and relevant departments are also taking positive action.


In March last year, the State Administration of market supervision and the State Post Office issued the implementation opinions on carrying out green product certification of express packaging; Last October, the "green product certification rules for express packaging" was released, which means that express packaging products have a green certification threshold.


In March this year, the measures for the management of mail express packaging was officially implemented, which defined the requirements for packaging selection, proposed the establishment and implementation of packaging management system, the use of environmental protection materials according to regulations, packaging reduction measures, etc., and encouraged delivery enterprises to establish and improve the working mechanism and recycling process to recycle and reuse the packaging.


Various measures have effectively curbed the phenomenon of excessive packaging and promoted the concept of green environmental protection to be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.



Although the daily packaging is small, it is a big problem related to the green development of the industry. It is difficult to solve the problem of excessive packaging. Regulators, businesses and consumers also need to work together, do not abandon the small and long-term achievements, and reduce excessive packaging from the source, so as to make "light packaging", simple packaging and packaging recycling become a new trend in society.‍




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