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JD Innovative Environmental Friendly Moon Cake Gift Box

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JD Innovative Environmental Friendly Moon Cake Gift Box
Latest company news about JD Innovative Environmental Friendly Moon Cake Gift Box

As the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, JD has ordered more than 400000 mooncakes for its employees and partners, which are quite innovative and "thoughtful". The low-carbon and environment-friendly design ideas and production processes enable everyone to share the full moon festival and make contributions to protecting the earth's ecology.


The United Nations Environment Programme once said that if human beings do not limit their behavior, by 2050, there will be more plastic garbage in the sea than fish. It takes an average of 700 years for a plastic bottle to degrade, which will cause fatal damage to marine organisms if it enters the sea in large quantities. In this year's Jingdong Mid Autumn Festival family gift, 2.5 million marine plastic bottles were made into more than 400000 customized environmental bags. The moon cake box is also made of bagasse. The production process is pollution-free, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The box can be degraded in the soil for six months. The small moon cake gift box is a microcosm of JD's practice of carbon neutrality.


Ocean Drifting Bottle Transforms into Mid Autumn Green Bag


Each Jingdong Mid Autumn Festival family gift includes a DOGA family themed environmental handbag. Its "birth" is a fantastic journey of ocean salvage - 2.5 million ocean plastic bottles were salvaged, sorted, disinfected, dried, crushed and processed into environment-friendly particles, and then made into RPET nylon. Finally, it was carefully woven to meet you with the lowest carbon.


Packaging box made of sugarcane residue "can be beautiful and sweet"


The packaging box of this Jingdong Mid Autumn Festival Family Gift is a food grade residue after the production of sugar. The whole production process does not contain ink, plastic and other synthetic materials, nor does it generate waste water. The discarded sugar cane boxes can be completely degraded in the soil in only six months. "Plain look" can be played, simple and not simple!



Sugarcane, as a renewable resource, can regenerate much faster than forest resources. The amount of pulp saved by Jingdong Jiali is equivalent to protecting thousands of trees.


The practice of "carbon neutralization" is internationally recognized


JD is serious about cherishing the earth and letting people live in harmony with nature. Recently, JD Group was selected into the first Fortune China ESG influence list, and its contribution to ensuring the supply of anti epidemic materials, carbon reduction in the "Qingliu Plan", and governance efforts were internationally recognized.


The "Qingliu Plan" launched by JD is based on a green and efficient supply chain, exploring low-carbon energy conservation in packaging, warehousing, transportation, recycling and other links. By the end of 2021, the recycling packaging such as Qingliu box has been used 200 million times. In the past five years, JD has worked with its upstream and downstream partners to promote the environment-friendly packaging model, enabling tens of thousands of goods to be delivered directly from the original packaging, driving the industry to reduce the one-time packaging by 10 billion, which is equivalent to reducing the felling of about 20 million trees. JD Logistics is the first logistics enterprise in China to commit to setting a scientific carbon target. The goal is to reduce the total carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 compared with 2019.


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