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Important resolution of the United Nations Environment assembly: stop plastic pollution!

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Important resolution of the United Nations Environment assembly: stop plastic pollution!
Latest company news about Important resolution of the United Nations Environment assembly: stop plastic pollution!

Recently, the U.S. Secretary of the interior announced that the United States will ban the sale of disposable plastic products on public lands and national parks by 2032. The executive order overturned the trump administration's policy of preventing the National Park from banning the sale of plastic water bottles, and the US environmental protection plastic enterprises welcomed great benefits.

With the concept of green environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the deepening of environmental pollution damage caused by waste plastics. Governments around the world have introduced a series of policies and bills on plastic restrictions. On March 2 this year, an important resolution on plastics was adopted at the United Nations Environment Conference. The purpose of the resolution is to end plastic pollution and reach a legally binding international agreement before 2024. In addition, the scope of the EU's plastic restriction order has been gradually expanded, and the UK formally imposed a plastic packaging tax on April 1. These policies will promote the innovative development of environmentally friendly plastics.
In response to the increasing amount of plastic waste, the OECD has issued a warning: by 2060, the global annual output of plastic products will reach 1.2 billion tons, nearly three times the current level. After a few days, the authoritative magazine cryosphere was published in the Antarctic snow, and the existence of micro plastics was first discovered. Through chemical analysis and extraction, it is confirmed that there are 13 kinds of plastic components. As the last pure land of mankind, the Antarctic food chain is in danger. To realize the degradation, regeneration and recycling of plastics is the main development direction of the current plastics industry.
Plastic can be seen everywhere in life, and it is also one of the four major materials in packaging. Driven by the development trend of the plastic industry, "Le Mo Bao" came into being. This plastic package not only has the functions of ultra-high oxygen resistance, excellent printing effect and excellent fragrance retention, but also has the characteristics of "easier tearing", "fresher locking" and "no toxic gas will be generated by combustion". Good use experience, low-carbon health and environmental protection are the advantages of Leman bag in the new consumption era, and it is also the best choice for coffee bean packaging, clean vegetable packaging, cooked food packaging and other food packaging.
Leman bag contains a fresh locking long plastic vector film. Using this ultra-high barrier material can reduce the use of food additives and prolong the shelf life of food healthily. The function of "fresh locking" will promote the upgrading of food health, reduce the occurrence of food additive disorder, and make more consumers drink healthy and eat at ease. In addition, le film bag also provides a linear and easy to tear packaging solution. It contains a second tear type long plastic vector film, which can effectively prevent the contents from splashing out at will, so that the elderly and children can easily tear the packaging in a straight line, greatly improving the experience of opening the bag.
In the new era of consumption, consumers are more interested in brands that use healthy and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Glass and aluminum cans are both materials in the packaging field. Heineken announced to carry out scientific research on low-carbon glass in 2021, and Budweiser InBev also pilot produced 5million "ultra-low carbon" Budweiser aluminum cans in the same year. All major enterprises in the world have made great efforts in environmental protection packaging, which shows that low-carbon environmental protection is the general trend.
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