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"Green" cosmetics lead the new fashion

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"Green" cosmetics lead the new fashion
Latest company news about "Green" cosmetics lead the new fashion

Green products refer to products using environmentally friendly formula, production mode or packaging method. For the cosmetics industry, "green" and "sustainable" cosmetics are defined as cosmetics made from natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials.

The pursuit of health is the driving force
With the improvement of the quality of life, people's pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more popular. While pursuing "becoming beautiful", more and more consumers begin to pay attention to healthy cosmetics. At present, the raw materials of many cosmetics come from petrochemical products (such as mineral oil). Although these products may have short-term effects, these products are not only environmentally friendly, can not be produced sustainably, and the quality of the products produced is unstable. More importantly, research shows that such products often have certain toxicity or become allergens after atomization and absorption, Or may cause cancer. Years of using synthetic cosmetics can cause headaches, eye damage, acne, hormonal disorders and premature aging. O-phthalate two is even associated with cancer and type II diabetes. The improvement of public health awareness undoubtedly encourages consumers to buy green cosmetics to replace the traditional cosmetics with petrochemical products as raw materials.
Cosmetics with natural ingredients are unlikely to cause the above skin irritation or allergic reaction. Many natural skin care ingredients have even been used by humans for hundreds of years. For example, glycerol is a kind of oil compound, which has all the functions of synthetic chemicals without any toxicity. It is a perfect example of the natural efficacy of sustainable cosmetics. As a moisturizer, glycerin can retain water, enhance the moisture absorption of the human body, and promote the skin to absorb and maintain water. As a non irritating substance, it can be applied to any part of the body. It is an effective anti-aging ingredient, and because of its anti microbial properties, it can also be used to treat acne.
The market value of green cosmetics has increased year by year
According to the statistics of market update, the market value of green cosmetics industry will reach US $9947.2 million in 2020. It is expected that the annual compound growth rate will reach 7.5% in the next five years, which has been 2-3 percentage points higher than the forecast value of statista in 2018. The market value of the industry is expected to reach US $15370 million by 2026.
Most of the top players in the green cosmetics industry are concentrated in Europe and the United States, including Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, velade of Switzerland, little bee of the United States, iveno, corels of Greece, etc.
Main raw materials of green cosmetics
Cosmetics developers all over the world are trying to find natural oil chemicals that can replace traditional chemical raw materials. The manufacturer then separates these raw materials (oil chemicals) by hydrolysis (using water) or alcoholysis (using alcohol). The main sources of these oil chemicals are: natural oils, crops and bacteria.
The main ingredients of green cosmetics. At present, the main components of green environmental protection cosmetics can be divided into natural components, organic components, vegetarian cosmetics, cosmetics without cruel animal experiments, biomass derived components and biodegradable components.
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