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Environmental protection, starting from "plastic"

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Environmental protection, starting from "plastic"
Latest company news about Environmental protection, starting from "plastic"

At the 15th summit of G20 leaders, our courntry points out that"the production and use of unnecessary disposable plastic products should be further reduced". This is not only a solemn commitment made by China to the world but also the inner consciousness of every Chinese.

  Cheap, mature, light, durable, plastic, and multifunctional, plastic is one of the most important inventions of mankind. However, these cheap and convenient disposable plastic products, after a short period of usage, become wastes into nature, or treatment facilities such as landfills and incineration plants. These plastic wastes discharged into nature are not static. Under natural conditions, they are gradually decomposed and broken into harmful plastic particles, which are mixed into air, water, and soil. Disposable plastics will pose a threat to human health at every stage of its life cycle, from the extraction of fossil fuels to consumer use to garbage disposal, etc.

  Even though plastic products have many shortcomings, with the accelerating pace of social life, especially the rise of the take-out industry, the number of disposable plastic products usage is greatly increased. According to official data, in 2020, the national take-out orders reached 17.12 billion orders, with an average consumption of 3.27 disposable lunch boxes per order, which are 56 billions of it. Together with packing utensils, it is conservatively estimated that the consumption of disposable tableware is over 80 billion pieces each year.

  The main components of disposable plastic lunch boxes are polyethylene and polypropylene, which have certain toxins. Long-term usage will have adverse effects on the human’s kidney and liver. Moreover, disposable plastic lunch boxes are difficult to degrade naturally, and the disposal methods can only be buried or burned, both of which will do harm to the environment: burying will do some harm to the soil, thus affecting crops and plants growing in the soil, even affecting the soil structure to a certain extent, and finally affecting the whole ecological environment; Incineration not only pollutes the atmosphere but also produces toxic gases, causing respiratory diseases, releasing carcinogens and endangering human health.

  So how should we reduce the use of plastics?

  On one hand, we should actively research and develop high-quality and low-cost substitutes. The substitutes of disposable plastic products include cloth products, wood products, bamboo products, paper products, etc., and some new biodegradable plastics with polylactic acid as raw material, etc.

  On the other hand, we should constantly improve the public's awareness of the harm of plastic products, and let more enterprises and the public participate in the action of reducing plastic usage.

  To this end, firstly, we should strengthen the systematic publicity and education on the hazards of disposable plastic products and related policies, regard it as an important part of environmental protection education, systematically carry out continuous publicity and guidance, and improve the enthusiasm of enterprises and the public to participate in governance;

  Secondly, it is necessary to extensively carry out the activities of "plastic usage restriction" and "plastic usage prohibition", requiring hotels, restaurants, and other places not to actively provide disposable plastic products, and prohibiting the use of non-degradable plastic packaging bags in postal express outlets;

  Thirdly, introduce the mechanism of "internalization of pollution cost" on time, increase the individual cost of using disposable plastic products according to the principle of "whoever uses it ,who pays", and incite the change of consumption habits of enterprises and citizens

  Good ecological environment, everyone is a beneficiary, everyone is also a participant. A person's strength may be limited, but multiplied by the base of 1.4 billion, it will generate the majestic strength of building a beautiful China. Enhance green awareness, integrate environmental protection into daily life, start with "I" and spread out a new picture of green mountains and green water in China.

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