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Environmental protection concept of packaging design

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Environmental protection concept of packaging design
Latest company news about Environmental protection concept of packaging design

What is the environmental protection concept of packaging design? With the increasing affluence of living standards and the improvement of national consciousness, consumers began to pay special attention to product packaging, and green environmental protection was gradually proposed.

1. Adopt environmental protection materials
In modern life, the vast majority of products are packaged with plastic, which is easy to damage and difficult to degrade. When designing product packaging, new materials should be used as much as possible, such as degradable plastics, recycled biological materials, paper packaging, etc., which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by product packaging.
2. Packaging recycling
In the design of product packaging, in order to maximize the utilization of packaging materials and even achieve zero regression of product packaging, recyclable materials should be used as much as possible to reduce the use of disposable materials, so that packaging materials can be recycled for various practical purposes, so as to maximize the use of resources, alleviate resource pressure, reduce the generation of packaging waste, and finally achieve the purpose of environmental protection. In the development of modern society, sustainable development is the main theme of the future market. The recycling of packaging is a typical embodiment of this concept. In the future market, the recycling of packaging will be more and more widely used.
3. Minimalism
Apply minimalism to product packaging design, adhere to the environmental protection concept of green design and green manufacturing, reduce unnecessary material consumption as much as possible, and design a packaging that is easy to disassemble, so as to facilitate the recycling and reuse of parts. The product packaging design with simple style should also be simple in packaging shape, reduce complex modeling and decoration, and integrate into simple artistic style. Simple packaging design advocates simple structure, natural materials, visual proximity to nature and practical modeling. Simple packaging design has the characteristics of visual freshness, elegance and generosity. In view of the continuous innovation of style product packaging design, simplicity can not be understood as old-fashioned simplicity, but the connection between packaging and products and consumption experience should be comprehensively considered.
4. Integration
Combine the product with the package and combine the structure and performance to make the package a part of the product and bring special experience to consumers. At the same time, it saves the time for consumers to disassemble the package and is convenient for the use of the product. The integration of packaging into products can avoid the abandonment of packaging, reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, and bring a new idea to the packaging industry.
5. In line with the market
When designing green packaging, we need to consider not only the environmental protection of the materials used in product packaging, but also from the aspects of humanization and marketing. The designed product packaging should give people a bright feeling and make consumers interested in the product psychologically. At the same time, the designed packaging also needs to adapt to the product and reflect the value and significance of the product to the greatest extent, so as to have a better product market. In order to better meet the market demand, product packaging design should be carried out scientifically to ensure that product packaging will not pollute the environment. It is clear that the primary consideration of product packaging design is the application of environmental protection concept.
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