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Do you know that the beauty industry also loves to compete for environmental protection

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Do you know that the beauty industry also loves to compete for environmental protection
Latest company news about Do you know that the beauty industry also loves to compete for environmental protection

Not long ago, the focus on the treatment of new pollutants continued. At that time, some commentators mentioned that cosmetics may cause such pollution and affect the environment. According to relevant data, the harm of cosmetics to the environment includes but is not limited to hazardous chemicals, chemical sunscreen, plasticizer, etc. they may exist in the environment for a long time because they are difficult to decompose naturally, thus causing environmental pollution.

There are also more intuitive data showing that the number of plastic beads in the frosted facial cleanser may exceed 300000, which cannot be degraded naturally and is more likely to be eaten by fish and shrimp when entering the water area. Plastic particles account for the largest proportion of marine garbage. Although the plastic particles in the ocean can not be completely attributed to the fault of cosmetics, it is also necessary to admit that the environmental protection attribute of the cosmetics industry needs to be strengthened.
At present, cosmetic enterprises are actively exploring environmentally friendly production methods.
For example, Keyan launched the "empty bottle recycling plan" and set up recycling boxes in offline stores to encourage consumers to actively participate in it and effectively take the environmental responsibility of cosmetics enterprises. The replacement package launched by Zhiben in September 2021 highlighted several environmental protection details, such as reuse of pump head, plastic reduction and recycling of facial paper. At present, more and more enterprises have introduced environmental protection replacement to replace formal clothes, and such enterprises as zhuben and L'OCCITANE have already done so. The beauty product sample manufacturer also announced earlier that it had developed a recyclable PE (polyethylene) packaging bag for L'Oreal in Paris, making contributions to the environmental protection of cosmetics packaging.
In addition to the individual struggles of beauty enterprises, a cosmetics Environmental Protection Alliance has been quietly established recently.
According to media reports, on July 6, 2022, the "green, environmental protection and beautiful world" Oriental beauty Valley cosmetics Environmental Protection Alliance was officially launched in the core area of Oriental beauty Valley, Fengxian District, Shanghai, advocating and supporting the environmental protection of cosmetics. Known as the "capital of cosmetics industry" in China, Oriental beauty Valley is promoting beauty and environmental protection to take a new step. For example, Taihe biotech group realizes inorganic anaerobic degradation of environmental protection materials and energy saving and carbon reduction based on PMU "plastic replacement" materials. Unny changed the outer packaging material to PMU biodegradable material with calcium carbonate as the main raw material. Many cosmetic enterprises in Oriental beauty valley have joined forces to build a high wall of beauty and environmental protection.
With the first Oriental beauty Valley cosmetics Environmental Protection Alliance, will the second one be far away?
At present, it is not only cosmetic enterprises that fall in love with environmental protection, but also consumers are willing to focus on the environmental protection attributes of a product when measuring its quality. The 2021 China sustainable consumption report has shown that low-carbon consumption is becoming the daily action of more and more people, and more and more consumers hope that the low-carbon consumption market can continue to grow in the future. This means that when the same two products are put in front of consumers, the one who is more environmentally friendly may occupy a dominant position.
The beauty industry has to compete not only for hardware configuration, but also for environmental protection configuration.
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