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Do you know "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"? It reveals these challenges and development opportunities

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Do you know "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"? It reveals these challenges and development opportunities
Latest company news about Do you know "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"? It reveals these challenges and development opportunities




What are "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"? What challenges do we face under this goal? What kind of "new world" has been opened for us? Recently, at a central plains science popularization Forum jointly sponsored by the Provincial Association for science and technology, the Provincial Department of science and technology, the Party School of the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the reporter got a lot of "knowledge points".


Let's first popularize "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"“ "Carbon peaking" means that at a certain time point, carbon dioxide emissions reach the peak, no longer increase, and then gradually fall back“ "Carbon neutralization" means that enterprises, groups or individuals calculate the total greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly within a certain period of time to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to achieve "zero emission" of carbon dioxide.


China has put forward the target commitment of "striving to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emission by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutralization by 2060". ‍




Challenges under carbon peak&carbon neutralization


At the forum, Huang Zhen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, expounded from three aspects——


First, as the world's largest developing country, China's economy has developed rapidly over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, and its total GDP has jumped to the second place in the world. However, the per capita GDP has just exceeded US $10000, and the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development is still prominent. Facing a series of arduous tasks such as developing the economy, improving people's lives and eradicating poverty, China's energy demand is still increasing, Carbon emissions are still on the rise and have not yet reached the peak.


Second, in terms of total energy consumption, China's total consumption ranks first in the world, accounting for about 1 / 4 of the world. From the perspective of energy consumption structure, China is still dominated by fossil energy consumption, accounting for about 85%. At present, more than half of energy consumption still uses coal. From the perspective of power generation types in China, coal-fired power generation accounts for about 62% of the total power generation. We are facing the great challenge of turning 85% of fossil energy into net zero carbon energy in only about 40 years.


Third, from the perspective of climate change and greenhouse gas control in the whole society, we are seriously lagging behind in terms of people's will, enterprise identity, technology reserves, market mechanism, laws and regulations, and need to catch up.



The general trend of energy


Huang Zhen analyzed the general trend of energy in the future from the supply side and demand side of energy. The supply side is zero carbonization of power and zero carbonization of fuel, and the demand side is high efficiency, re electrification and intelligence.


Huang Zhen believes that energy development in the future will present three characteristics,


In the form of energy production, energy production will change from centralized to decentralized, from the top-down tree structure of the existing power system to a flat structure with a large number of distributed energy autonomous units interconnected with each other;


In the form of production and consumption, it will change from the independence of producers and consumers to the integration of producers and sellers. Users on the demand side play the dual roles of consumers and producers through distributed energy, and each building will change into an independent energy producer and consumer;


In terms of energy utilization, it will move from high carbon to low carbon and then to zero carbon, realize zero carbonization of electricity and fuel, and realize revolutionary and subversive changes in the role of renewable energy from supplementary energy to main energy.


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