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Cosmetic packaging design under the concept of green development

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Cosmetic packaging design under the concept of green development
Latest company news about Cosmetic packaging design under the concept of green development

With the rapid development of China's cosmetics market, the consumer concept has changed and the consumer demand has been rising. Cosmetic packaging should meet the needs of personalized development more and more. There are many kinds of cosmetic packaging and the market competition is fierce. In order to make their products stand out, all businesses have taken great pains in packaging. Excessive packaging has been widely used, with too many consumables, complicated processes and flashy materials. At the same time, they waste resources and cause a large amount of packaging waste. The waste is not easy to degrade, which increases the difficulty and cost of waste treatment, is not conducive to human health and ecological balanced development, and lacks the concept of green development. There are some misunderstandings in consumers' consumption concept, and they pay more attention to the beauty of packaging rather than the product itself. The designer's design concept has deviation and the green design concept is deficient. In order to avoid the deterioration of the ecological environment, environmental problems and pollution prevention, people are required to popularize the development and application of green packaging.

1、 Concept and characteristics of green development concept
(1) Green packaging. Green packaging, also known as pollution-free packaging and environmental friendly packaging, refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development. It has two meanings of environmental protection and resource conservation. Adhering to the concept of green development, it has moderate packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and can be recycled, recycled or degraded to increase the utilization rate.
(2) Green development concept. The party's report pointed out that "the most stringent ecological and environmental protection system should be implemented to form a green development mode and lifestyle." The important policies of "innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development concept" and "accelerating the reform of ecological civilization system and building a beautiful China" show that China advocates green development concept.
(3) The characteristics of green development theory. The concept of green development takes the harmony between man and nature as the value orientation, the green low-carbon cycle as the main principle, and the construction of ecological civilization as the basic starting point. "Green mountains and green waters are golden mountains and silver mountains". While China is developing rapidly, it has realized that the current stage of development does not properly deal with environmental damage, waste of resources, destruction of arable land and energy consumption, and has realized the importance of ecological balance, vegetation protection, new energy and recycling of resources. China needs to rapidly develop the green economy, establish the concept of green development, create a green home, advocate a frugal, green, low-carbon, healthy and civilized lifestyle and consumption mode, advocate green humanities, respect nature and protect the ecological environment.
2、 Present situation of cosmetic packaging
With the rapid development of China's economy, cosmetics have become an indispensable part of our life. In order to cater to the public, grasp the consumer psychology, determine the product orientation, stimulate consumption, and spend more thoughts and energy on product packaging, the quality of goods has been replaced by packaging, and a variety of packaging forms have been used to reflect fashion, trend and delicacy The value of sustainable utilization is not high.
(1) Cosmetic packaging is excessive and resources are wasted seriously. Cosmetic packaging has the characteristics of "new trend and new fashion". It pays attention to the beauty of commodity packaging. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, excessive packaging appears widely. More and more merchants pay attention to the design of the outer packaging of commodities, in order to enhance the value of commodities, increase the packaging cost, attract consumers to buy in disguise, and earn more profits. Its characteristics of being unworthy of its name and making a fuss over the host exaggerate the application of the original function of packaging, causing damage to nature and unnecessary waste of resources.
(2) Cosmetic packaging materials are harmful to the ecological environment and human health. In the market, plastic packaging materials are widely used. However, the recycling rate of plastics is low, the classification is difficult, the harm to the ecological environment and human body is the greatest, and it is not conducive to the balanced development of ecology. Studies have shown that there are toxic substances in plastics, which are likely to migrate into cosmetics and endanger human health. In the process of glass production, waste water, noise, dust and other pollution will be caused, and there are also certain problems in waste disposal, such as fragile and inconvenient transportation.
(3) Cosmetic packaging waste is not easy to degrade and is not conducive to recovery and recycling. Nowadays, there are a variety of cosmetics, from clean skin care products to various makeup products, resulting in a variety of wastes. Plastic, glass and composite materials are mostly used as packaging materials for cosmetics. Among them, plastic is the most difficult to degrade and recycle, and wastes exist for a long time, which is easy to cause degradation of soil and arable land and death of animals.
(4) There are misunderstandings in consumers' consumption concept, and they do not recognize the necessity of green packaging. Packaging is the "bridge" and "tie" between commodities and consumers. For consumers, the more beautiful, personalized and novel packaging is, the easier it is to attract people's attention and promote consumption. According to the current situation, there are misunderstandings in the concept of consumers. Where packaging is the soul of commodities, these commodities often have the phenomenon of flashiness, produce a large amount of packaging garbage, lack the green concept, and ignore the importance of green packaging in life.
3、 Application of green environmental protection design in cosmetic packaging design
(1) Pay attention to packaging optimization and moderate packaging. Packaging is the first facade of products and the link between consumers and products. The functionality and value of packaging design are excessive, which consumes materials and funds, and exceeds the limits of protection function and beautification function. In the cosmetics industry, there is a combination of inner packaging, outer packaging and medium packaging, and packaging waste increases, causing damage to the ecological environment. In order to solve these problems, we should strengthen publicity, advocate green packaging and appropriate packaging, and prevent over packaged products from entering the market. The state should formulate a series of policies to strictly supervise, control and even restrict the packaging of commodities. Make contributions to a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
(2) Pay attention to low-carbon environmental protection in packaging design, and select and develop green packaging materials. With the progress of the times, cosmetics packaging is constantly optimized. In order to solve the problem of packaging damage to the ecological environment, China began to advocate green packaging. Natural materials, high-performance advanced materials, low-cost materials, degradable materials, recyclable materials, green environmental protection and pollution-free materials shall be used as far as possible. In the process of research and development of green packaging, materials are the top priority of packaging design. Green materials are widely used to minimize the pressure of ecological environment and pay attention to the development of packaging quality.
(3) Establish environmental awareness, classify garbage and improve the recycling rate. Cosmetic packaging has the characteristics of fashion, delicacy, protection and convenience. At the same time, it should also reflect the awareness of environmental protection. Our national quality and environmental awareness are not high, the waste recycling mechanism is not perfect, and the waste treatment methods are not standard. Most of them are sanitary landfills or even simple landfills, which seriously pollute the ecological environment. In this case, garbage classification and recycling should be vigorously promoted. In cosmetics packaging, glass bottles are most widely used. However, dust pollution, waste gas and wastewater pollution will be caused in the glass production process. Therefore, businesses should be strongly encouraged to recycle glass bottles, disinfect and reuse them, and cultivate consumers' awareness of environmental protection. In addition, the garbage is classified for more efficient waste recovery, convenient for re-processing and recycling, and convenient for subsequent recycling work of environmental protection workers.
(4) Establish correct consumption concept and realize the importance of green packaging. Due to consumers' incomplete consideration of problems, paying attention to the beauty of the outer packaging of goods and various dazzling marketing strategies, consumers are prone to blind consumption, comparison consumption, impulsive consumption and other wrong behaviors. With the deterioration of the environment and the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, consumers are gradually aware of the consequences of wrong consumption, and their consumption concepts have changed. They can make correct consumption in combination with their own needs, green and healthy products, and practical products. Put an end to wrong consumption behaviors, establish correct consumption concepts, and advocate green consumption.
(5) Follow the concept of green development and highlight green and environmental protection design. Green packaging design pursues the harmony and unity of humanity, natural resources and ecological environment. It is a design project with complex contents and many factors. The designer is required to have a certain comprehensive ability and social responsibility, take into account the national economic situation, product packaging essence, consumer demand, design material selection, etc. in a logical and innovative way, pay attention to the simplification of design elements, material selection and environmental protection, and reduce the harm to the environment and human body during the whole cycle of manufacturing and waste materials. Based on the actual needs, the packaging concept of economical, practical, beautiful and environmental protection shall be advocated through reasonable design.
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