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Can waste washing liquid packaging only be incinerated or landfilled?

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Can waste washing liquid packaging only be incinerated or landfilled?
Latest company news about Can waste washing liquid packaging only be incinerated or landfilled?

"In 2020, China will produce 60 million tons of waste plastics, and the physical recovery rate of waste plastics has been about 30% in recent years." On November 25, Wang Yonggang, Secretary General of the recycled plastics branch of China material recycling association, said at the Libai "double easy certification" authorization ceremony that in order to further improve the physical recovery rate of waste plastics, it is necessary to establish a complete recovery system and regeneration system. Among them, the recyclability and recyclability should be fully considered in the front-end design.

On the same day, Libai Group officially obtained the certificate of excellent rating of "double easy" certification of plastic flexible packaging issued by Rhine, a professional testing and certification organization. It is reported that this is the first excellent rating certificate certified by "Shuangyi" in China. This also means that Libai has become the first enterprise in the industry to realize "easy recycling and easy regeneration" performance flexible packaging through single material design technology, which is expected to play a positive demonstration role in the sustainable development of plastic packaging.
Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment issued the action plan for plastic pollution control in the 14th five year plan to further improve the whole chain control system of plastic pollution. Plastic recycling economy has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, and it is urgent to establish a complete plastic recycling industry standard system. On this basis, the joint working group of green recycled plastic supply chain led by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and China Material Recycling Association launched the "double easy certification" standard, starting from the recycling and recycling links, from the main materials, auxiliary materials, recyclability, recyclability The recyclability and recyclability of plastic products are evaluated and scored from the five aspects of environmental friendliness and safety. The scoring results are set as qualified and excellent according to the application field.
It is reported that at present, plastic flexible packaging bags on the market, such as washing liquid packaging and washing powder packaging, are mostly composed of multiple layers of different materials. Due to the different physical properties of each layer of materials, it is difficult to separate and recycle and has no regeneration value. The discarded packaging is basically incinerated or buried as garbage, which brings great pollution and carbon emission to the environment. The plastic consumption of flexible packaging is huge, so it is urgent to design such packaging which is easy to recycle and recycle.
Wang Yonggang said, "China has become the largest producer of plastic products and produces a large amount of plastic waste every year. Its own material properties have the value of recycling, but due to the complexity of different materials of plastic products packaging, it is not conducive to the recycling of waste plastics. The single material design of flexible packaging can greatly improve the recycling value and solve the main problem of difficult recycling of composite flexible packaging Ask questions. "
Libai's "double easy certification" plastic flexible packaging has overcome the problem of composite plastic flexible packaging. It is a single chemical structure plastic flexible packaging with complete recycling, easy recycling and easy regeneration performance, which means that after recycling, it can be re made into similar packaging or other plastic products through physical regeneration. This technology is developed by LiBai Dow (plastic particle manufacturer), Fujian Kaida (bag making supplier) cooperates with the three parties in research and development. At present, the plastic flexible packaging with single chemical structure has been successfully applied to the flexible packaging of Libai's laundry gel products in 2020. At present, it is testing the application of this technology in the plastic flexible packaging of laundry liquid and laundry powder. At that time, Libai group will innovate the whole product line to realize the plastic packaging of the whole production line Recyclability of flexible packaging.
Zhang Liping, general manager of the innovation and R & D center of Libai group, said, "at present, the consumption of Libai plastic packaging is about more than 9000 tons. If all can be replaced with flexible packaging, the more than 9000 tons of plastic waste will not need to be landfilled. This is a very considerable quantity. While not giving up convenience, it also greatly reduces the impact on the environment."
In addition to using recyclable and recyclable materials in plastic flexible packaging, Libai is still in the process of recycling plastic (PCR) is applied to product packaging. According to the current experimental progress, it is expected to complete and realize the application of recycled plastics in product packaging in early 2022. Zhang Liping said that at present, through continuous research and development and improvement of technology, the production cost of Libai single material packaging has been able to be equal to the original packaging process cost, but the needs of consumers should be comprehensively considered in market promotion The acceptance level should be continuously improved and adjusted in combination with market feedback.
Zhang Liping predicts that after the introduction of PCR, the group will reduce carbon emissions year by year and achieve the goal of carbon peak in 2030. "If the washing industry uses plastic flexible packaging with single chemical structure, the consumption of plastic can be reduced by 50000 ~ 60000 tons per year through recycling. This will promote the closed-loop action of packaging from design to use, to recycling and regeneration, and greatly promote the development of plastic circular economy."
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