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Can environmental protection rely on a single material?

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Can environmental protection rely on a single material?
Latest company news about Can environmental protection rely on a single material?

As the name suggests, a single material means that there is only one structure of the material, so it is called a single material. But in the packaging, if you want to say that a certain material is a single material, you may be ridiculed. Because the flexible packaging used in food, medicine and cosmetics is made of multi-layer materials, which are composed of different materials, let alone a single material.

Typical multi-layer materials: PET composite aluminum foil composite PE. When these three materials are combined, they can meet the packaging requirements of most products. Among them, pet is responsible for printing and coloring, aluminum foil is responsible for barrier, and PE is responsible for heat sealing. The three materials have their own advantages. Therefore, when they are combined, their performance is more excellent, which has always been the way of packaging.
But after all, packaging is plastic, especially plastic flexible packaging, which accounts for more than 50% of the packaging market, is the mainstream packaging method. The big problem of environmental pollution has always existed, and it is a fatal disadvantage that it can not be handled in time after use. At this time, a single material was born.
Single material is the characteristic of environmental protection plastic film, and it is also the secret of its recycling. It can be combined with PE to form a single material packaging, which can replace some structures such as PET composite PE and BOPP composite PE, so it meets the current general packaging requirements.
A simple and easy to understand saying is: what other materials can achieve, I can also achieve, so why should I use you again? Therefore, since the packaging requirements are met, and it is composed of PE, a single material, it can be 100% recycled.
Readers may still have questions, why can environmental PE film be recycled by relying on a single material structure, and multi-layer materials can not be recycled? First of all, as mentioned above, multi-layer materials are composed of more than two layers of materials, and these different materials are difficult to separate after compounding; This is like mixing water and pigment, which can't be drunk. Only when water and pigment are separated and water becomes pure water again, will it be reconsidered at this time. Of course, it is impossible to separate, and it is extremely difficult and not worth it.
The cost of separation process is not to mention, and there is basically no reuse value after the combination of multi-layer material packaging, so most packaging bags go to landfill or incinerator. At this time, the pollution can be imagined. At this time, the advantage of single material structure is obvious, and the pollution problem of plastic packaging is expected to be improved, Industry insiders predict that this turning point will appear in 2025!
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