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Although toothpaste is small, environmental protection is great

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Although toothpaste is small, environmental protection is great
Latest company news about Although toothpaste is small, environmental protection is great

Toothpaste is a daily product used by consumers every day. Unexpectedly, a seemingly ordinary small toothpaste can also make a big environmental protection article. People who often travel and travel know that many hotels no longer provide disposable toothpaste, toothbrush and other personal care products, because these disposable products will bring great pressure to the environment. As a new substitute for toothpaste, toothpaste is on the market. As long as people chew it and brush their teeth with a toothbrush, they can achieve a cleaning effect similar to toothpaste, which is interesting and environmentally friendly. The "article" that toothpaste can do is far more than that.

R & D focuses on new components
Enzyme toothpaste, baking soda toothpaste, probiotic toothpaste... The reporter recently visited the market and learned that toothpaste has made a lot of innovations in environmental protection materials, such as plant ingredients, edible grade ingredients and other environmental protection products, which meet the needs of consumers for health, environmental protection and green.
Moreover, more and more brands emphasize the concept of safety and environmental protection, such as baking soda, activated carbon, coconut oil and other natural ingredients. The innovation of toothpaste ingredients has been gradually recognized by the market. In response, Xu Chunsheng, chief engineer of Guangzhou Chai Cai Cosmetics Co., Ltd., told reporters in the China consumer daily that toothpaste materials are mainly composed of friction agents, water, moisturizing agents, surfactants, flavors, thickeners, functional additives and other ingredients. Because toothpaste is used in the human oral cavity, all materials require safety and no toxic side effects. At the same time, in order to avoid the impact on the environment and maintain ecological balance. In recent years, the concepts of natural, organic and swallowable have also been the key development direction of toothpaste technology.
For example, the newly developed products such as plant toothpaste, amino acid toothpaste, active peptide toothpaste, enzyme toothpaste and baking soda toothpaste have added natural ingredients and food ingredients. With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement and perfection of process equipment, and the continuous emergence of toothpastes with different components, the variety of toothpastes has developed from a single clean type to a large category with complete varieties and diverse functions to meet different consumption needs. Some consumers are worried that the sweeteners, emulsifiers and artificial fragrances added to toothpaste are harmful to human body.
In an interview with China consumer daily, Cheng Yingqi, general manager of Guangzhou Bingquan cosmetics technology Co., Ltd., said that at present, most of the ingredients of toothpaste are food grade ingredients, mostly natural. In the future, more mild and biodegradable components will be used in surfactants, flavors and fragrances. "As far as the product itself is concerned, green materials shall be used as far as possible for the formulation of toothpaste, such as natural food grade formula and degradable packaging materials, so as to not only make the product green, but also drive the common green development of the toothpaste industry." Cheng Yingqi said.
Recyclable packaging materials
After a new toothpaste is squeezed, throw the toothpaste skin into the dustbin. Such a small move may cause a lot of unnecessary pollution. Therefore, many enterprises promote recyclable and biodegradable materials in toothpaste materials and design to avoid environmental pollution. In this regard, Xu Chunsheng introduced that most toothpaste tubes are made of a mixture of plastic and aluminum. In recent years, great progress has been made in the technology of all plastic toothpaste tubes, which have been used in toothpaste production on a large scale. Compared with traditional toothpaste tubes, all plastic toothpaste tubes can be recycled, greatly reducing the environmental pollution caused by plastics.
At the same time, China's toothpaste industry has also developed bottled toothpaste, which is also 100% recyclable. In the past, the "shoplifters" in the streets used to exchange sugar for toothpaste skins. At that time, many toothpaste skins were made of aluminum, tin and other metal materials, but the raw materials of toothpaste skins have long changed. Cheng Yingqi said that the environmental protection materials for toothpaste packaging have developed from the original metal tube to aluminum-plastic tube. At present, recyclable or biodegradable high-density polyethylene materials have been adopted. In the future, it may be designed to remove the outer carton and replace the packaging.
Establish green toothpaste standards
With environmentally friendly ingredients and recyclable materials, where will the toothpaste industry go in the future? Xu Chunsheng said that toothpaste will develop in the direction of high quality and green in the future. First, establish a green toothpaste standard, including the assessment of human safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, there are special technical requirements for toothpaste components and toothpaste packaging materials. Secondly, it is necessary to promote the cleaner production standard of toothpaste.
By eliminating the processes and products with high energy consumption and large pollution emissions, and adopting advanced, low pollution and resource recycling technologies and processes, it is necessary to promote the technological progress of the enterprise, reduce the burden of end treatment of the enterprise, which is conducive to the discharge of pollutants up to the standard and improve the economic and environmental benefits of the enterprise. "In the future, from the selection of natural and safe raw materials to the ingenuity and innovative technology research and development; from the green production process to the pleasant, comfortable, energy-saving and environmental friendly use experience, the toothpaste industry will continue to innovate to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and is committed to bringing consumers a better life of 'environment-friendly, safe and healthy'." Cheng Yingqi said.
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