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Using "live" waste to make everything renewable

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Using "live" waste to make everything renewable

What is the next step of Waste sorting? It is about turning waste into treasure and the resource utilization of garbage.

Plastic recycled shoe and clothing fabrics, plant straw recycled home panels, textile recycled car interiors... In fact, almost all Almost all recycled materials have complete supply chains in China, but they also face the same demand: more accurate and efficient Waste sorting.

As a new fashion, Waste sorting is not only a way of life and an expression of attitude, but also needs to rely on the circular economy to form a closed-loop consumption and production. Therefore, from the perspective of sustainable consumer market and renewable enterprises, we may find more enlightenment on Waste sorting.

Recycled goods, who is paying for them

On June 10, Baoqing Road, Xuhui District, a store named 3RLABS was crowded, which was the first commercial space in Shanghai specializing in sustainable consumer goods. The 3R in the store name is the abbreviation for the three principles of circular economy - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

On the left side of the entrance to the store, a device called "Green Barrier" attracts attention. In the green grid, colored plastic waste is piled together, forming a "green wall" that attracts many young people to stop and take photos.

Next to this "green wall" is a chair with a unique design, with a white background mixed with distinct blue patterns, which exudes a sense of design beauty. This chair comes from a Shanghai brand called "Plastic Healing" and is 100% made of waste plastic.

3RLABS brings together products from more than 30 sustainable brands both domestically and internationally, covering various fields such as home life, accessory bags, and fragrance personal care. Among them, sustainable brands from China account for about one-third.

On the shelf, there are colorful totes made of recycled nylon from American brand Baggu, PLA vases from Paris argot, France, using plant sources, and aromatherapy made of recycled Used coffee grounds from Shanghai A'GAIN

On the other side of the product area, a movable shelf separates an independent display area, presenting the 100 sustainable projects in China explored by "Circular Happiness" and the stories behind them. In the future, this place will also continue to provide inspiration and inspiration for sustainable consumption.

For 3RLABS, the meaning of space is not just about "selling". The brand manager said that the long-term goal is to introduce the concept of sustainable consumption into people's lives, cultivate more local sustainable brands, and make people truly feel the significance and value of purchasing "3R" products.

Although the prices of products in the store are slightly higher than similar ones, the revenue after opening is in line with expectations, and many young consumers are expressing their recognition of sustainable consumption concepts through actions.

This week, our best-selling brand is a French brand that mainly uses 3D printing technology to make recycled food packaging or plastic into vases, candlesticks, lighting fixtures, etc. Due to its unique design and bright colors, several products are currently out of stock, "the manager told reporters.

In Europe, the long-term Waste sorting system has spawned a mature sustainable consumer market, which makes them highly competitive in product research and development and demand matching.

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