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The No. 1 amendment to the national standard of food and cosmetics for restricting excessive packaging of commodities will be implemented on August 15!

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The No. 1 amendment to the national standard of food and cosmetics for restricting excessive packaging of commodities will be implemented on August 15!

In order to strengthen the supervision and management of excessive packaging of commodities, the publicity of the national standard "limiting excessive packaging of commodities requires food and cosmetics" was increased, and enterprises were guided to strictly implement the national standard. On August 5, Yinchuan market supervision and Administration Bureau held the national standard publicity and implementation meeting of Yinchuan Market Supervision Bureau on restricting excessive packaging of commodities. More than 30 persons in charge of food and cosmetics production enterprises and sales enterprises and market supervision standardization and metrology certification supervision staff participated in the meeting.

The meeting emphasized: first, actively carry out self-examination and self correction. All enterprises shall strictly abide by the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes and the regulations of Yinchuan City on the classification and management of domestic wastes, take the lead in implementing the provisions of the national standard of limiting excessive packaging of commodities and food and cosmetics, reduce the excessive use of packaging materials and the generation of packaging wastes, and be the forerunner, practitioner and advocate of resisting excessive packaging of commodities; Second, strengthen supervision and law enforcement. The law enforcement department will discover, investigate and deal with the illegal acts of excessive packaging of food and cosmetics, and timely expose them; Third, create a good public opinion environment. Advocate the concept of green consumption, guide consumers not to buy over packaged products, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and green and low-carbon development. Through this publicity and implementation, we will help market operators to understand this mandatory national standard as soon as possible, and timely and effectively implement the newly revised standard into specific work, urge enterprises to conscientiously implement their main responsibilities, fulfill their social responsibilities, implement, use and meet the standards as soon as possible, start the diagnosis of standard compliance and product packaging compliance design, Organize production in strict accordance with the standards of "food and cosmetics required by limiting excessive packaging of commodities" and the requirements of this amendment, take the initiative to improve the technical level and innovation ability, continuously optimize the product supply, provide the market with more high-quality, green, low-carbon and environmental protection products, and actively form a production mode and consumption mode that is moderate, green, low-carbon, civilized and healthy, so as to provide green, low-carbon And make greater contributions to high-quality development.
The specific contents of the modification sheet include:
First, reduce the number of packaging layers. Reduce the number of packaging layers of moon cakes and zongzi from no more than four layers to no more than three layers.
The second is to compress the packaging gap. The necessary space coefficient is the core index of the packaging gap, which reflects the compactness of the packaging. The smaller the value, the smaller the packaging gap. This time, the necessary space coefficient of moon cakes was reduced from 12 to 7, which is equivalent to a reduction of 42% in the packaging volume; The necessary space coefficient of zongzi is reduced from 12 to 5, which is equivalent to 58% reduction in packaging volume.
Fourth, strict requirements for mixed loading. It is stipulated that moon cakes should not be mixed with other products, and zongzi should not be mixed with other products exceeding their prices.
This standard revision is not to restrict the development of the industry, but to better regulate and guide the high-quality development of the industry and promote the return of moon cakes and zongzi to their food properties. We should advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, oppose extravagance, waste and unreasonable consumption, and carry forward the Chinese nation's fine tradition of diligence and thrift. Resist excessive packaging, save resources, reduce environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, promote the implementation of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.
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