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The new regulations on degradable plastics will be implemented on June 1

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The new regulations on degradable plastics will be implemented on June 1

Dow, love classification and love recycling under everything new group, YCJ art creation Club of international ecological art organization and P & G jointly announced today that they will jointly promote the development of plastic circular economy in China through environmental protection art design competition and other forms.

It is reported that the environmental protection art design competition, facing design professionals, aims to popularize the relevant knowledge of recycled plastics to the younger generation of designers and encourage them to use creativity to empower recycled plastics. All parties in the plastic industry chain will be committed to transforming the outstanding works that stand out in the competition from concepts and drawings to products that can enter consumers' daily life.
Xiao Kodak, marketing director of packaging, sanitary materials and health of Dow's Asia Pacific Packaging and special plastics division, said, "we hope to find more high value-added application fields for waste plastics, especially waste flexible plastic packaging that has not received enough attention before, so as to further promote the development of plastic circular economy."
With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the change of social consumption concept, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to environment-friendly products. The joining of P & G this time has built a bridge for the "environmental protection concept" from the industrial end to the consumer end, and brought more possibilities for the "environmental protection creativity" from drawings to real products.
"Sustainability has been a tradition of P & G for more than 70 years. From product R & D to packaging design, we continue to try to implement this concept in our daily operations. While providing better products to consumers, we also convey more environmental protection concepts," said Zhou Wandi, director of sustainable development research and development in Greater China of P & G
Public information shows that a number of new laws and regulations will be issued for the recycling of degradable plastics this year. With the increasing maturity of Biodegradation Technology, the two new policies and regulations of biodegradation performance and labeling requirements of biodegradable plastics and products and biodegradable drinking straw will be officially implemented from June 1.
The industry believes that with the strengthening of supervision and the further standardization of industry standards, the huge blue ocean market behind the degradable plastics industry will further attract the focus of the industrial circle and investment circle. From the contents of the two new regulations, it is not difficult to see that the formulation and implementation of national standards actually provides programmatic norms for the industry and establishes the core direction for the future development of relevant enterprises.
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