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The future of cosmetic paper packaging in "Meili" big market is promising!

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The future of cosmetic paper packaging in "Meili" big market is promising!

According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2020, the scale of China's local beauty market will reach 157.6 billion, of which the local mid and high-end beauty market will account for 24.8%, and the scale of China's local skin care market and cosmetics market will be 129 billion and 28.6 billion respectively. In 2021, the retail sales of cosmetics nationwide will exceed 400 billion for the first time, with a year-on-year growth of 14.0%, 9.5% higher than that of the same period last year.


With the improvement of people's consumption level and the enhancement of their consumption ability, the production and sales of cosmetics, which are daily chemical products for the purpose of keeping people clean, healthy and beautiful, have achieved unprecedented development, and the competition in the cosmetics market has become increasingly fierce.


In order to better publicize their products and occupy a place in the fierce market competition, cosmetics merchants have made great efforts in product packaging and publicity, and have carried out their own different classification and packaging that are suitable for their own characteristics. Various packaging forms are dazzling.


The Development of Cosmetic Packaging


Classification of cosmetic packaging adaptability


1. Solid packaging. Mainly eyebrow pencil, lipliner, powder, etc. The packaging of such products is relatively simple.


2. Packaging of solid particles (powder). It mainly includes foundation make-up, fragrant powder, etc. The commonly used packaging methods mainly include paper boxes, composite paper boxes (mostly cylindrical paper barrels), glass bottles, metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, composite film bags, etc.


3. Liquid, lotion and paste packaging. Among all cosmetics, this category has the most types and quantities. Most skin care cosmetics exist in the form of liquid, lotion or paste. The main packaging forms are: plastic bottles, glass bottles and composite film bags of various shapes and specifications. For the above various packaging forms, they are usually combined with color printing paper boxes to form the sales packaging of cosmetics, so as to improve the quality of cosmetics.


4. spray packaging. Spray packaging has the advantages of accuracy, effectiveness, simplicity, hygiene, and quantitative use as required. Such as hair mousse, perfume, etc.


Development Characteristics of Modern Cosmetic Packaging


1. The application scope of plastics and composite materials has increased, and the modeling design of plastic bottles tends to be diversified. The use of glass bottles is limited.


2. Diversified packaging containers to meet different consumption levels.


3. The packaging design is serialized, and the packaging is increasingly adapted to the needs of personality development.


4. Some products are packaged in the form of spray packaging to facilitate the use of consumers.


Application of Carton Packaging


In the paper packaging structure of modern commodities, the paper box with glue free modeling structure is more and more popular. In the process of fully automatic molding, a considerable number of folding cartons with glue free structure began to gradually replace the traditional cartons with adhesive structure.


Single carton packaging


1. Double wrapped folding carton


This kind of paper box mainly uses surface decoration to match the shape of the paper box. The change of the shape of the paper box needs to be matched with the product design to highlight its practical characteristics. It is usually used to package the cosmetics varieties in cosmetics, such as powder, eye shadow boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.


2. Single bottle compartment folding carton


This kind of paper box consumes a lot of paper, but its compartment structure can play a good buffering role, and can effectively protect the goods. Moreover, the size of the package content can not be seen from the surface, which is more suitable for the packaging of cosmetics. It should be noted that the structural paper box must be made of cardboard with good elasticity.


3. Cross sealed folding carton


The design direction of this paper box is to display the goods in the window after opening. The inside of the box is also printed with beautiful patterns to match the cosmetics. The sealed carton can meet the needs of transportation and sales. It is a typical dual-use carton for display and transportation.


In addition, various special-shaped cartons used for cosmetics gift packaging are also gradually emerging. For example, the tray type paper box with arc intersection line of side plates and the wedge-shaped concave box bottom/trapezoidal concave wall swing cover, etc. The side plate intersection structure is suitable for special packaging of lids with advanced visual effects, such as cosmetics or liquid gift packaging; The structure of wedge concave box bottom/trapezoidal concave wall swing cover is suitable for conventional rectangular boxes, which can be used to package cosmetics, such as powder, eye shadow box, cosmetic box, etc.


Combination packaging


Combination packaging is a branch of serialized packaging, which can also be called assembly packaging. This kind of packaging is to carry out a complete set of serialized packaging for cosmetics of the same brand and different functions, so as to facilitate consumers' purchase, and at the same time make the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchase.


1. Cosmetic packaging gift box


Powder, eye cream, lipstick and other noble cosmetics are packaged in a set of gift boxes, which can improve the valuable quality and sales force of goods. Combined with the successful decoration design to enhance its visual impact, it is a good packaging choice. The folding carton is a typical one, and the division design in the structure can be flexibly adjusted according to the quantity and shape of the contents.


2. Four folding cartons in groups


The structural paper box is mainly used for the collective packaging of cosmetics wholesale, and can also be used as a set of gift packaging after decoration or adding auxiliary structures. The structural paper box is a fixed pasting type with many changes. According to different structural requirements, the sealing structure of the paper box can be changed. In addition, the paper box can be designed as one board forming structure as far as possible.


Modern Packaging Strategy and Cosmetic Packaging


Packaging plays a special role in the commodity economy. It is immaterial and metaphysical. It shows colorful inspirations in circulation and adds a lot of scenery to daily life.


Most international brands have formed their own tradition in packaging design. They have formed a complete set of models in terms of shape and color. However, the packaging design of domestic products is very random, and even changes with the preferences of producers or designers. There is a lack of consistency between products.


From this point of view, the packaging of cosmetics based beauty products should not only reflect the integration of fashion and technology, but also pose a great challenge to designers.


Besides effective advertising and striking counter display, packaging is an important link in reflecting commodity grade. Proper packaging can not only enhance the visual impact of goods, but also attract consumers. Therefore, as the "coat" of products, packaging must not only have the function of containing and protecting products, but also have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.


Paper packaging, as a green packaging with good quality and low price, is becoming a rapidly developing industry in the national economy. Moreover, the cosmetics packaging market has a great space for the development of paper product packaging in terms of both quantity and quality.


With the improvement of consumption level, cosmetics packaging will have new pursuits: starting from environmental protection, energy conservation, material reduction, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, quality improvement and many other aspects, paper packaging is required to shine on this broad stage.

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