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The carbon emission from the production of green and environmentally friendly products is much higher than that of disposable products

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The carbon emission from the production of green and environmentally friendly products is much higher than that of disposable products

Compared with disposable products, what are the advantages of green products? How much has its "environmental protection effect" improved? Is there any specific quantitative comparative data? On December 23, the publicity activity of "effective environmental protection plan" jointly carried out by China Environmental Records Association and jucost was held in Beijing. The purpose of the activity is to obtain the suggestions on the minimum use times of environmental protection products through the calculation of professional carbon footprint testing institutions, so as to reflect the green and low-carbon effect, so as to achieve effective environmental protection.

Neglected "environmental efficiency" in environmental protection substitution
In recent years, many institutions, brands and public welfare organizations have vigorously promoted environmental protection products. With the enhancement of public environmental awareness, consumers who buy environmental protection products on the platform are increasing year by year. More and more people are willing to use environmental protection bags, environmental protection tableware and other products to replace disposable products.
"Now more and more people are involved in environmental protection. There are fewer disposable cups and more thermos cups." Shi Lijun, general manager of poly cost-effective marketing, believes that using environmental protection products instead of disposable products is a "good model for multiple benefits". However, he pointed out that in real life, environmental efficiency is an easily overlooked problem. "Many people will use environmental protection bags, but we found in our research that few environmental protection bags can be reused more than 30 times."
Professional calculation results show that an environmental protection bag can be reused more than 100 times to match the emission of plastic bags. Incorrect use of environmental protection products is not conducive to environmental protection.
The reporter learned that in order to make more consumers aware of this problem, poly cost effectively launched an effective environmental protection plan, hoping to make consumers aware that "environmental protection counts only when it is used enough times". It cooperates with professional testing institutions to monitor the four types of environmental protection products commonly used by consumers. At the same time, it cooperates with more than 100 brands to feed back the relevant testing results to the brands, redesign a series of environmental protection commodity labels, and print the number of environmental protection times on the product packaging, so that consumers can practice environmental protection more efficiently in their life.
At the event site, China measurement certification interpreted the carbon footprint measurement results of consumer products. This calculation takes shopping bags, tableware and other daily necessities as the object. Use green environmental protection products such as resin lunch boxes, ceramic chopsticks, PP plastic cups and environmental protection bags, and benchmark disposable products such as PP packing boxes, disposable bamboo chopsticks, pet plastic cups and plastic bags.
After scientific calculation, the resin lunch box must be used at least 157 times to reflect the low-carbon environmental protection effect, which can be better than the use of PP packing box. Similarly, PP plastic cup, ceramic chopsticks and environmental protection bag can be used at least 179 times, 57 times and 131 times respectively, which can be better than PET plastic cup, disposable bamboo chopsticks and plastic bag. However, the carbon emission of the above green products is much higher than that of disposable products. Therefore, compared with disposable products, green products should reflect their low-carbon environmental protection effect from the perspective of use times.
Ceramic chopsticks need to be used 57 times to reflect the environmental protection effect of "better than disposable chopsticks". "We should improve our environmental protection awareness and low-carbon awareness. We must use ceramic chopsticks more than 300 times, or even more than 700 times in two years, which is the real environmental protection, environmental protection economy and low-carbon circular economy." Industry insiders said, "we can't blindly use disposable bamboo chopsticks for convenience. Disposable bamboo chopsticks also involve the savings of the forest. Bamboo chopsticks are derived from the bamboo forest. We should try to use ceramic chopsticks when dining out and ceramic chopsticks in our daily life."
"Multi use" is the real environmental protection
"We unite with 100 brand merchants and use the commercial power of the platform to cover millions of consumers, so that consumers can see and realize that environmental protection commodities need to be used more, which is the real environmental protection." Xing Yue, vice president of Alibaba group, said, "All along, Alibaba has been actively practicing the concept of green development and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility with practical actions. First, let digital technology become the guardian of biodiversity, and second, let the platform become the booster for the public to practice the green lifestyle. In the future, alibaba will continue to give full play to the advantages of digital technology and platform, make dripping water into a river, gather sand into a tower, and gather more people's attention Power to help the construction of ecological civilization. "
Shi Lijun also said that this activity is to make ordinary consumers realize that every green consumption can contribute "small power" to the big goal of "double carbon". In the future, jucost-effective will continue to unite with the ecological power of the brand, actively promote green consumption, assume more social responsibilities, and make environmental protection perceived by every consumer.
Make full use of digital technology to reduce emissions
How can enterprises be the main force to achieve the goal of "double carbon"?
"I hope that more enterprises will play the role of demonstration and guidance in the future, and the government will mainly play the role of building a platform or broadening participation channels." Li jiedan, senior engineer of the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of ecological environment, said.
Ma Jun of the public environment research center suggested: "make full use of digital technology to integrate production, procurement, investment and financing and consumption. Through the form of data chain, enterprises can help consumption become greener while reducing corresponding emissions."
"There should be more similar products. First of all, the public will feel convenient before they can use them. Various e-commerce platforms should also be fully developed, rather than forming several monopolies. After the platform is built, we should manage the platform well." Relevant people said.
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