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Taizhou: Continuously promoting the deepening and implementation of the "blue cycle"

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Taizhou: Continuously promoting the deepening and implementation of the "blue cycle"

On the morning of November 23rd, Taizhou held a press conference to introduce the management of "blue cycle" marine plastic waste.


Marine plastic pollution control is a global challenge. In recent years, Taizhou City has been committed to improving the comprehensive management capacity of marine ecology. Starting from solving difficulties such as no one collecting marine plastic waste, difficulty in identifying its utilization value, and weak sustainability of management, Taizhou City has taken the lead in implementing a new model of "blue cycle" marine plastic waste management nationwide, and has embarked on a new path of "government led, market led, industry coordinated, and public linkage" for marine plastic waste management.


Xie Huan, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Taizhou City, stated that the "blue cycle" model has taken root, sprouted and continuously grown in Taizhou, and is closely related to three major measures: innovative governance models, enhancing the value of marine plastic recycling, and achieving economic mutual benefit and win-win.


In terms of marine pollution control, the Taizhou Municipal Government has established a system for intercepting estuaries, cleaning beaches and bays, and recycling ship waste; The enterprise has set up a "Little Blue House" marine plastic waste collection point, attracting coastal residents to form a collection team, and establishing a three-dimensional collection network, which has become the largest single recycling project for marine plastic waste in the country.


In terms of enhancing the recycling value of marine plastics, "Blue Cycle" has established a digital closed-loop governance platform, realizing the full process visualization of "collection storage disposal transportation recycling manufacturing" of marine waste. At present, it has obtained certification from international authoritative institutions. Brands are recycling at a price about 165% higher than traditional recycled plastics, opening up the high-end market for ocean plastic reuse.


In addition, the "blue cycle" also promotes the formation of "blue alliances" among operating enterprises, industrial chain enterprises, certification institutions and other entities, utilizing the value-added of marine plastic trading to carry out services such as material subsidies, product direct sales, green credit, and social security, turning governance difficulties into dividends for common prosperity.


"This model has changed the previous governance model where the government takes on the role of the governing body and the government provides funding, forming a governance pattern of diversified participation and market linked industries." Xie Huan said that since the project was launched, a total of 11 "Little Blue Houses" of marine plastic collection points have been built in Taizhou, and the annual per capita income of coastal collectors who collect marine plastic has increased by 13000 yuan. Fishermen have received over 100 million yuan in green and low interest financial loans. We have truly achieved the integration and development of marine environmental governance, resource recycling, and common prosperity.


Recently, the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Government issued the "Taizhou City Blue Cycle" Marine Plastic Waste Management Work Plan, and based on this, established the "Blue Cycle" Marine Plastic Waste Management Work Leading Group, actively exploring and planning a series of standard specifications and institutional systems with Taizhou characteristics, replicable and promotable, and continuously promoting the deepening, implementation, and new brilliance of the "Blue Cycle".

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