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State Post Office: Forbid biodegradable plastic packaging bags by the end of 2025

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State Post Office: Forbid biodegradable plastic packaging bags by the end of 2025

On October 14, the State Post Office held a regular press conference in the fourth quarter of 2022 to introduce the progress of the "9917" project for green development of postal express industry. By the end of September, 90% of the industry had purchased and used packaging materials that met the standards and standardized packaging operations, 9.78 million recyclable express boxes (boxes) had been put into service, 122000 recycling devices had been deployed in postal express business investment attraction outlets, 640 million corrugated boxes had been recycled, and preliminary results had been achieved in green governance of express packaging.

Guan Aiguang, the deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Office, said that the "9917" project had made it clear that by the end of this year, 90% of the packaging materials that meet the standards will be purchased and used, 90% of the packaging operations will be standardized, 10 million recyclable express boxes (boxes) will be put in, and 700 million corrugated boxes will be recycled. Through the joint efforts of the whole system and industry, the industry's awareness of green development has been gradually enhanced, the green governance of express packaging has achieved initial results, the level of reduction, standardization and recycling of express packaging has been steadily improved, and the "9917" project has progressed smoothly.
Guan Aiguang pointed out that, compared with the requirements of high-quality development of the industry, the green governance of express packaging still has some shortcomings, such as the legal standard system covering the whole chain has not been established, the situation of joint management has not been formed, and the means of information supervision is lagging behind. In the next step, the State Post Office will adhere to systematic governance and comprehensive implementation of policies, implement the basic ideas of reduction, standardization, recycling and "prohibition, restriction, reduction, compliance and reduction", focus on the "9917" project, and conduct pressure layer by layer, strengthen supervision and assessment, strengthen responsibility implementation, and ensure the successful completion of the set goals by the end of the year. Focus on four aspects of work: First, focus on governance, comprehensively strengthen the governance of excessive packaging of mail and express, and implement the national plan for plastic pollution control,
Ensure that by the end of 2025, postal express outlets nationwide are prohibited from using non degradable plastic packaging bags, plastic tape, disposable plastic woven bags, etc.
Second, we should be realistic and pragmatic to promote recycling, steadily promote large-scale application pilot of recyclable express packaging, and promote packaging recycling. Third, we will continue to strengthen supervision, seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations such as excessive packaging, steadily promote the reform of the way in which supplies and appliances are regulated in the postal industry, and accelerate the construction of a monitoring and analysis platform for green governance of express packaging. Fourth, we should work together to jointly govern and manage, strengthen departmental coordination, implement responsibilities and responsibilities, and focus on publicity.
Guan Aiguang said that in April 2021, the State Post Office organized the whole industry to carry out a year long special treatment on over packaging and random packaging of express mail. Through more than a year of governance, the proportion of packaging materials purchased and used in line with the standards and the proportion of standardized packaging operations in the industry increased by 30 to 50 percentage points year on year, and the rate of e-commerce parts no longer being repackaged increased by more than 10 percentage points. The special governance achieved positive results. She pointed out that the governance of excessive packaging is a systematic project, involving the responsibilities of multiple departments and the powers of local governments. It is necessary to strengthen the whole chain governance from packaging design, production and sales, commodity delivery, waste recycling and other links. In order to implement the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Further Strengthening the Control of Excessive Packaging of Commodities, the State Post Office has formulated implementation measures and task division plans. At present, it is seeking opinions and suggestions, which will be issued and implemented on the basis of modification and improvement.
The green governance of express packaging involves all aspects of the whole life cycle from packaging design to recycling and reuse, which requires all relevant government departments to jointly manage and establish a legal standard system covering the whole chain to support the whole process governance. The State Post Office will take the initiative to cooperate with relevant upstream and downstream departments in governance, promote the revision of relevant laws and regulations such as the Interim Regulations on Express Delivery, introduce mandatory national standards such as the limit of heavy metals and specific substances in express packaging, and limit excessive express packaging, jointly carry out research and promote relevant pilot projects, so as to form a situation of joint management. In terms of linkage, the State Post Office, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, launched the pilot work of large-scale application of recyclable express packaging. The four departments jointly studied and determined the pilot enterprises, and assigned experts to provide detailed guidance on the plans of the pilot enterprises. Next, we will steadily promote the pilot work, actively cultivate the large-scale circular application mode of express packaging, and accelerate the green transformation of express packaging.
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