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Seize the opportunity to meet the new era of recycled plastics

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Seize the opportunity to meet the new era of recycled plastics

2021 is the first year of China's 14th five year plan, and policies for the recycled plastics industry have been introduced one after another. In September, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment just jointly issued the action plan for plastic pollution control during the 14th five year plan, which puts forward specific objectives for the whole chain control of plastic pollution during the 14th five year plan. Governments around the world are also paying unprecedented attention to the pollution control of waste plastics. It has become an international consensus to increase the recycling of waste plastics as the main way to solve plastic pollution. The leading enterprises of various brands related to plastics have put forward their own sustainable development goals and commitments. It can be said that the outlet for the great development of waste plastics recycling has come. At this time, how can our traditional recycled plastics enterprises seize the opportunity of industry transformation and upgrading to meet and face the "new era of recycled plastics"?

Enterprises should consider the following aspects:
First, establish new ideas. We should emancipate our minds, follow the trend and establish a correct concept of industry development. Enterprises in the recycled plastics industry, especially entrepreneurs, should deepen their understanding of the development trend of the industry and make full use of the dividend period of industry policies and environment; We should have an overall view and form the thinking of the whole industrial chain and the overall pattern view; More importantly, we should find the right direction. While continuing to make pragmatic progress and guard against arrogance and impatience, we should not follow the old road of only working hard and not looking up. The new direction and path will certainly bring new achievements to the industry, enterprises and industry practitioners.
Second, set new goals. We should accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and strive to build modern enterprises. If an industry wants to adapt to the future development needs, it must move towards modernization in management. Realizing the modernization of enterprises is equal to seizing the stepping stone of industry development opportunities. At present, the recycled plastics industry generally has the problems of low management level and low quality of employees. Breaking an egg from the inside is the birth of a new life, and breaking it from the outside is death. In the face of various deficiencies, enterprises in the recycled plastics industry should have the courage to break the shell and regenerate, so as to adapt to future changes, win-win cooperation with brand enterprises and connect with the development of the world.
Third, inject new technology. We should increase investment in technology and equipment and R & D efforts to provide high-value products for the industry. At present, there is a contradiction between excess supply of low-end products and insufficient supply of high-end products in the recycled plastics industry. This contradiction is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for the development of the industry. The action plan for plastic pollution control in the 14th five year plan clearly proposes to encourage the same level and high value-added utilization of plastic wastes. High value utilization of waste plastics can greatly avoid the waste of resources and maximize the value of recycled plastics. Our enterprises should attach great importance to the research and development of high-value technologies, equipment and processes to further improve the high-value utilization rate of recycled plastics in China.
Fourth, develop new models. China is the country with the most complete industrial chain of waste plastics recycling, with a huge waste plastics recycling network, rich experience in waste plastics processing and disposal and high waste plastics disposal capacity. In the future, on the basis of giving full play to China's industrial advantages, the recycled plastics industry will explore and create a new model of plastics industry chain aggregation with simultaneous improvement of environmental, economic and social benefits; Fully tap the low-carbon treasure of waste plastic recycling, and gradually form a new mode of green recycled plastic supply chain management under the dual carbon goal.
The recycled plastics industry is a great cause for predecessors to plant trees and future generations to enjoy the cool. We hope to establish a complete and scientific waste plastics recycling system through today's efforts and efforts, so that future generations will no longer be troubled by plastic pollution, but also have valuable resources for sustainable utilization. I think this is the original intention of our recycled plastic people. As long as we don't forget our original intention and roll up our sleeves, our goal will be achieved, and the recycled plastics industry will usher in a new green development period.
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