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Sanyangshe is the first in South Korea to develop high content environment-friendly polycarbonate with recycled plastic up to 90%

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Company News
Sanyangshe is the first in South Korea to develop high content environment-friendly polycarbonate with recycled plastic up to 90%

According to the news released on the 11th by the company's chemical and food member company, Sanyangshe [CEO Jiang Haoxing], the company took the lead in developing environmentally friendly polycarbonate (PC) containing more than 90% recycled polycarbonate (PCR PC) raw materials after use by consumers in South Korea. PC is a kind of engineering plastic with characteristics of transparency, impact resistance and heat resistance. It is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration materials of automobiles and household appliances, soundproof walls, medical equipment parts, etc.


PCR PC is made by mixing a certain proportion of regenerated PC raw materials with new PC raw materials, which requires high-level technical capabilities and core technologies. In the process of manufacturing PC, in addition to adding polymer synthetic resin, flame retardant, reinforcing agent and dye are also added to improve the performance and aesthetic effect. These additives will change in the process of high-temperature melting, resulting in the decline of the inherent physical properties of PC. Therefore, the highest content of recycled PC raw materials for PCR PC developed by Korean enterprises in the past is 85%. The content of recycled PC raw materials for most commercially available PCR PCs is about 30% to 50%.


Sanyang Community started to develop PCR PC last year. Only after more than two years, it successfully developed a PCR PC with more than 90% recycled PC raw materials and inherent physical properties such as heat resistance, transparency and impact resistance. This is the result of re-design and optimization of the proportion of recycled raw materials and additives in the mixing process based on the core technology of PC development accumulated over the years. The high-quality renewable PC raw material supply source that ensures the implementation of pollution and foreign matter management also plays a major role.


PCR PC is an environmentally friendly material, which can reduce plastic waste and bring carbon emission reduction effect with the reduction of energy use. Sanyangshe said that compared with ordinary PC, the PCR PC developed this time has the effect of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6200 tons based on the production of 1000 tons. This is equivalent to the carbon emissions of more than 3200 vehicles each year.


The environmental protection of the materials related to sansanxingshe was recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an American safety standards development and certification agency, and thus obtained the "ECV (Environmental Claims Validations)" certification. ECV is an environmental label issued to verify the feasibility of environmental claims for products such as reusable and recyclable materials. At the same time, it also reaches the highest grade "V-0" standard of "UL 94" vertical combustion evaluation. UL 94 is a flame-retardant test developed by UL. V-0 is only granted to plastics that extinguish themselves within 10 seconds after vertical combustion.


Sansanshe plans to first apply it to small household appliances such as laptops, and expand its application scope to electronic products, interior products and other fields in the future. At the same time, it is also planned to expand the application scope of PCR PC to ABS, PBT and other plastic resins.


Jiang Haoxing, CEO of Sanyangshe, said: "There are only a few enterprises in the world that can produce PCR PC products with recycled plastic content of more than 90% and the same physical properties as traditional PCs. We will continue to expand the high-quality environmental protection product group, meet the global market demand, and make contributions to improving the ESG competitiveness of the group."


Last year, Sanyang Group formulated the medium and long-term growth strategy "Vision 2025" and promoted the growth strategy of "environmental protection and characteristics". In July of this year, Sanyang Community developed environment-friendly transparent flame-retardant PC without flame retardant, and produced and sold basic resin and composite products. In August, a supply contract was signed for plastic pellets made from recycled fishing nets, expanding the environmental protection business portfolio.


In November, Sanyo Innochem set up the first production plant in South Korea with an annual output of 15000 tons of environment-friendly biomass material "Isosorbide" in its Qunshan factory, officially launching the environment-friendly plastic business. In terms of packaging business, it invested about 43 billion won in Shihua factory, owned 21000 tons of recycled PET chip production equipment, and expanded the waste plastic recycling business.

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