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Release of China's first local green recycled plastic production and sales chain of supervision standard

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Release of China's first local green recycled plastic production and sales chain of supervision standard

China Daily, July 19 (Xinhua) - According to the 2023 Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Forum (GRPG) press conference, China's first local green recycled plastics production and sales regulatory chain standard has been officially released, which means that China's green recycled plastics regulatory system is further improved, and recycled plastics are traceable, opening a new chapter in the green recycled plastics supply chain. The related products of three enterprises, Green Recycling, Aikashuo, and Procter&Gamble, have obtained China's first local green recycled plastic label with the word "re".


With the development of China's economy and the improvement of living consumption level, the consumption of plastic in China has also continued to grow in recent years. According to a report released by the Recycled Plastics Branch of the China Material Recycling Association, the production of waste plastics in China in 2022 was about 60 million tons, of which about 18 million tons were recycled, with a recycling rate of 30%, leading the global average level of waste plastic recycling.


China is a major country in the field of recycled plastics, but not a strong country. Currently, developed countries generally have a relatively complete system of application specifications and certification marks for recycled plastics. Due to the lack of relevant local standards, the recycled plastics industry in China still has low technical level, difficult quality control, lack of effective information transmission mechanisms, and difficulty in carrying out flow supervision. "Hou Cong, Deputy Director of GRPG Office, admitted.


In the opinion of Wang Yonggang, Secretary General of Recycled Plastics Branch of China Material Recycling Association, "Plastic pollution treatment is a complex systematic project, and a complete life-cycle management system is needed to deal with Plastic pollution."


Because of this, GRPG, the first domestic industrial chain platform to promote the plastic recycling economy, was jointly established by the Sinopec Federation, China Material Recycling Association, and China Plastics Processing Industry Association with upstream and downstream enterprises. It constantly explores the necessary conditions for the standardized application of green recycled plastics, and while fully absorbing the advanced experience in the construction of standards and specifications at home and abroad, it creates a standard system, certification system A green recycled plastic specification system, including a testing system.


Following the release of the 2021 "General Principles for the Design and Evaluation of Plastic Products that are Easy to Recycle and Reuse" (hereinafter referred to as the "Double Easy Design Standard") and the "Hui" logo, the GRPG also released the Green Recycling Plastics Specification System (GPR) and the "Re" logo in 2022, aiming to fully achieve standardized recycling of more plastic waste. This year, in order to support the use of the "Re" logo and further improve the standard system, The first domestic green recycled plastic production and sales supervision chain standard that runs through the entire industrial chain in China has also been heavily released.


The standardized application of recycled plastics aims to target traceability, quality control, and verifiability, all of which are based on the standards of the production and sales chain of supervision, supported by the full chain information transmission and supervision, "Hou Cong said.


It is reported that the regulatory chain standards for the production and sales of green recycled plastics have filled the domestic gap, and the standards have put forward specific requirements for enterprises in plastic recycling management and production processes, including various links such as corporate social responsibility, process control, material procurement, sales, outsourcing, etc.


Hou Cong further explained, "Producing recycled plastic products is like cooking, with different people and materials producing different flavors

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