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Recycled PP is popular, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging is favored by cosmetic brands

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Recycled PP is popular, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging is favored by cosmetic brands
Recently, recycled polypropylene PP has been ignited, and many well-known cosmetics abroad have launched packaging products designed with recycled polypropylene.
L'Oreal and texen
L'Oreal cooperated with texen to develop a cosmetic bottle cap designed with 100% recycled PP for Biotherm's new skin care series. The utility model is characterized in that it is suitable for different container shapes, and all surfaces are hot stamped without overlap, avoiding the use of clean oil.
The logo of the brand is innovated and adopts the material color, which is located in the middle of the whole bottle cap.
L'Oreal promises to recycle all plastics used for packaging or bio based plastics by 2030. The company recently cooperated with Veolia, which will provide it with food grade certified PCR (post consumer recycled plastics). In addition, the cooperation with lanzatech and total led the cosmetics company to launch a "world first" bottle made of recycled carbon emissions.
Oshudan and VPI
According to the report of European packaging, o'shudan announced that the company has cooperated with VPI to design its 200ml super enriched Shea Butter Body milk product with 100% RPP. At the beginning, consumers need to buy plastic boxes and aluminum packaging sets. The plastic boxes sit inside the aluminum packaging. After that, the plastic box can be disassembled, replaced with a box filled with products and installed again.
Compared with the previous design, the new design can save 40 tons of plastic per year. In the design, the company has developed a design that can be easily disassembled and reconnected, which is convenient for consumers.
Nivea and SABIC
From June 2022, the packaging of Nivea's natural good facial care product series will be made of SABIC's "certified renewable" PP. It is said that each tank can save about 76 grams of carbon dioxide, reducing carbon dioxide by about 60% compared with fossil tanks.
"Certified renewable plastics purchased from SABIC have no visual effects or other poor properties. Therefore, cans made of renewable PP cannot be visually distinguished from previous packaging. In addition, Saudi Basic Industries (SABIC) pursues an overall sustainable development approach through its raw material concept. This convinces us." Hannah rasel, a senior packaging expert at Beiersdorf, added.
Part of the bayersdorf plastic commitment of Nivea's parent company, Beiersdorf, which sets the following goals for 2025: make its packaging 100% reusable, refillable or recyclable, increase the recycled plastic content in plastic packaging to 30%, and reduce the use of stone-based raw plastics by 50%.
Henkel and Greiner packaging
Henkel launched a new Persil cleaning package, which is made of 50% recycled polypropylene (RPP), which is recycled from household plastic waste collection.
The new Persil package produced by Greiner packaging, which contains cardboard packaging and a plastic container, is easy to separate and recycle based on its innovative stripping system.
The package uses a double-layer process to create a new design. The interior of the plastic container is made of white primary materials to ensure a high-quality appearance, and the outer layer of the package is made of post consumer RPP materials. The gray of this layer has no effect on the appearance of the package because it is wrapped by a printable cardboard layer, which can achieve an attractive appearance.
"By using RPP materials, we have taken another important step forward in the sustainability of paper and plastic packaging materials. Given our innovative double-layer process, the packaging can not only meet extremely high sustainability standards, but also ensure the aesthetics of the packaging." Andreas auinger, international project manager of Greiner packaging, said.
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