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"Puffy" goods and express packaging hinder green and low-carbon development

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"Puffy" goods and express packaging hinder green and low-carbon development

Packaging patterns are full of "excessive force"


When the reporter visited a large supermarket in the city, he found that there are not a few goods that are half products and half packaged. A brand of chocolate sold in bulk is 3 yuan each, and it costs 30 yuan for a box of 8 chocolates after packaging; The Hami melon weighed by kilogram is 27 yuan per box, and 32 yuan per box after cleaning, slicing and packaging. Some consumers can't help but sigh that it's unnecessary.


What counts as over packaging? Large packaging for small objects, heavy packaging for light objects and repeated packaging.


Lipstick is packed in 3 boxes, big box covers small box; There is also a wooden shelf outside the plastic film of the glass, and the packaging is heavier than the product itself; Shampoo that can be packed in a box must be packed separately... Excessive packaging is full of tricks.


In addition to online products, in some physical stores, the reporter saw that bulk and gift box packaging are also different prices. The unit price of a bottle of imported honey is 70 yuan, and the price of five bottles in a gift box is 388 yuan. The clerk said that the gift box sells better than a single bottle. In another health care product store, single bottle and gift box are the same two prices. Some gift boxes clearly have only four bottles of products, but the boxes are frighteningly large, even decorated with precious metals, mahogany and other precious materials. The "good intentions" of merchants in packaging have become "excessive force", resulting in unnecessary waste.


Excessive packaging does great harm. On the one hand, it increases the cost and raises the selling price, and these costs are finally passed on to consumers; On the other hand, it will also cause waste of resources and environmental pollution. Relevant research shows that China's packaging waste accounts for about 30% to 40% of municipal solid waste. Many of these packaging wastes are produced by excessive packaging. Some experts said that the production and manufacturing of excessive packaging itself is a waste of resources, and the disposal will cause greater pressure on recycling and environmental carrying.




Packaging "puffiness" caused by various reasons


The China Consumer Association has pointed out that where the packaging volume significantly exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost significantly exceeds 30% of the commodity price, it may be judged as "commercial fraud" that infringes on the rights and interests of consumers.


However, there are many reasons for the "puffiness" of packaging.


The reporter inquired about the customer service of shampoo stores through the online shopping platform, and the answers were mostly related to the product grade, brand grade and gift giving. When querying the "baby evaluation" of products, we can see that buyers have two attitudes towards product packaging: one believes that "the packaging is exquisite and the product is advanced", and the other believes that "excessive packaging and cumbersome disassembly".


Shopkeeper Ms. Chen does cosmetics retail. She said that many customers will give travel reviews because of the poor packaging. Although she also believes that excessive packaging takes time and effort and increases costs, in order to "praise", she would rather be excessive than simple.


Merchants believe that exquisite packaging can make the goods look more "tall", and some big brands use exquisite packaging to enhance the "high-grade sense" of their products.


In addition, express companies will also stack packaging. The reporter saw in the rookie post station that for some fragile or specially marked express, the express company will carry out secondary packaging. "Fragile or valuable articles such as handicrafts, electronic products, etc., we will fill them with plastic foam or waste paper, and then wrap them on tapes. The vases and glass bottles will be supported with wooden frames." A courier said that once such items are damaged, they have to pay the original price. They can't afford to pay for the higher price, so they have to use heavy packaging to ensure the safety of the items.


Whether it is packaging enterprises or express logistics, there are indeed problems such as excessive packaging of goods, but due to the lack of mandatory standards, relevant measures are difficult to really implement.




Make efforts to make the lifestyle more "green"


Set up recycling bins, innovate design concepts, change consumption concepts... Make concerted efforts to make the lifestyle more "green".


On March 12 last year, the administrative measures for mail express packaging was officially implemented, which defined the requirements for the selection of express packaging, including the establishment and implementation of packaging management system, the use of environmental protection materials according to regulations, packaging reduction measures and other matters. At the same time, we encourage delivery enterprises to establish and improve the working mechanism and recycling process, and recycle and reuse the packaging materials.


The reporter saw at the rookie post station that there was a large green canvas box at the gate of the site, marked with the names of "China Environmental Protection Foundation", "Alibaba public welfare foundation" and several express companies. According to the boss of the post station, this large box is mainly used to recycle express parcels. When a box is full, there are couriers to recycle it.


By querying some Taobao stores, the reporter found that the packaging method chosen by "autonomy". For example, when the same product is added to the shopping cart, it will have the option of single bottle and gift box. If you do not need packaging, you can choose a single bottle and then set the quantity, and the gift box also shows the packaging style with clear pictures. Citizen Ms. Zhang said that such a humanized choice is more acceptable to her. She can not only choose environmentally friendly packaging, but also meet some consumers with high packaging requirements, killing two birds with one stone.


Similarly, in a can sales store, the store makes different packaging according to different products. "If it is open bag ready to eat, we generally use paper bags, which are easy to pack, environmentally friendly and easy to decompose. If it is a high-quality product, the packaging will only highlight the characteristics rather than excessive." The clerk explained in detail.


With the concept of green development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is gradually becoming a consensus to improve commodity packaging from aesthetic design rather than complex packaging. The whole industry chain makes concerted efforts to promote the formation of a new packaging fashion.


For example, with the innovative design of merchants, the packaging can not only effectively protect the products, but also be reused as a storage box. Packaging enterprises innovate technology and use appropriate packaging materials to achieve effective mechanical support for products, so as to reduce the use of packaging materials and ensure the safety of goods at the same time. The e-commerce platform encourages and guides enterprises to implement "original packaging" and reduce secondary packaging through warehousing preferential policies, so as to reduce the use of logistics materials.


It is a long-term project to control the excessive packaging of goods. Experts suggest that while accelerating the improvement of relevant standards and policies, businesses should also be encouraged and guided to use recyclable and degradable materials as much as possible when choosing packaging materials; Support packaging enterprises to actively use new technologies to innovate packaging design and develop new materials with high strength and light weight. At the same time, consumers should also pay more attention to the product quality itself, rather than the "added value" brought by packaging, so as to form a green consumption concept and consumption habits.

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