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Plastic recycling has reached a net negative carbon footprint

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Plastic recycling has reached a net negative carbon footprint

According to the latest research results, its unique plastic recycling solution has reached a net negative carbon footprint, which means that it will not increase but reduce the carbon on earth. This result comes from the independent initial life cycle analysis (LCA) conducted by CE Delft, a well-known research and consulting company. The LCA determined that clariter's carbon footprint is below zero, indicating that it has net environmental benefits and that the solution actually reduces carbon emissions.


The purpose of this study is to better understand clariter's sustainable development services for its customers and other stakeholders and further inform them of its engineering activities. Unlike most recycling industries that focus on mechanical recycling of plastic waste, clareter uses chemical recycling. Therefore, this innovative technology transforms excess plastic waste into high-value, ready-to-use pure industrial products, thus providing a breakthrough solution for the diffusion of plastic waste. Clareter makes up for the shortage of mechanical recycling by upgrading and recycling plastic waste that cannot be mechanically treated.


The patented three-step chemical treatment technology in the market can upgrade and recycle plastic waste into sulfur-free and tasteless pure chemicals: aliphatic solvent, white mineral oil and snow-white paraffin. These substances are also used as raw materials for more than 1000 end products and consumer goods. Clareter's recent plan is to build and operate a full-scale plant. Each factory will recycle 60000 tons of plastic waste and produce 50000 tons of clean products every year. The LCA study also emphasizes that clarinet treatment technology has significant benefits for the treatment of plastic waste that cannot be mechanically recycled. Geert BERGSMA, supply chain analysis manager of CE Delft, said: "CE Delft has conducted a cradle to door life cycle assessment of clarinets. The results show that their solution looks more attractive than alternative solutions, with disposal routes for non mechanically recycled polyolefins and even a stronger negative co footprint within reach. This statement will be more convincing if fully renewable facilities are used.


"When comparing clariter's plastic waste (polyolefin) recycling with other polyolefin waste treatment routes, the results include both the impact of the production process and the environmental benefits of avoiding traditional products or energy. The LCA results show that clariter's carbon footprint is negative (below zero) , indicating a net environmental benefit. Compared with other methods, the clarinet does not pollute or consume the earth, but cleans the earth. The impact and benefits of the clariter solution replace the pyrolysis [1] process, which produces intermediates such as energy, fuel or new plastics. The pyrolysis process prolongs the service life of the plastic, while the clarinet permanently terminates its service life. Clariter's full-scale plant is expected to generate more energy than municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI). Since clariter's solutions have a low carbon footprint, they are expected to compete with the best pyrolysis processes.


Achieving negative net carbon value is a unique and powerful proposal. As we further optimize the plant and use renewable energy and possible green hydrogen in the future, we expect clareter's treatment to have a more favorable carbon footprint. Develop such green products for our customers - provide a "white paper" "for industry, this is the core of everything we do. This achievement is an important step not only for us, but also for the whole field of chemical recycling.

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