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"Plastic limit" new action! 12 measures to help build a model for plastic pollution control

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"Plastic limit" new action! 12 measures to help build a model for plastic pollution control

In order to further implement the regulations and action plans, Beijing recently issued the Notice on Supporting Miyun District and Yanqing District to Carry out the Standardized Pilot of Plastic Pollution Control (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) on the basis of the overall implementation of the city wide control measures, focusing on taking 12 specific measures from 6 aspects to support and promote the standardized pilot of plastic pollution control in the two districts.


The Notice proposed: "By the end of 2025, comprehensively improve the level of plastic pollution control in all fields, build Miyun District and Yanqing District into models for plastic pollution control, make a" Beijing Model "for the national plastic pollution control, and promote the green development of ecological conservation areas to a new level."


How will the 12 measures effectively promote plastic pollution control? Let's get to know with Mr. Fa Gai~



Agricultural production


01 Increase the promotion of biodegradable agricultural film


In combination with the current situation of their own planting industry, the two regions select suitable regions and crops to accelerate the promotion of biodegradable mulching film. The agricultural and rural departments in urban areas actively promote the use of biodegradable seedling bowls, hanging ropes and other plastic products. The municipal and district agricultural technology extension departments strengthened the technical guidance on the selection, application technology and agronomic support of biodegradable agricultural film products. Actively coordinate Chaoyang Miyun and Haidian Yanqing twinning areas, and increase capital investment in the field of plastic pollution control.


02 Promote scientific and technological innovation and achievements transformation of agricultural plastic pollution control


The two zones should support relevant enterprises and scientific research institutions to carry out research, development, test, demonstration and application of green technologies and products related to plastic pollution control in their jurisdictions. Relevant municipal departments actively coordinate and promote the national key research and development plan "Green degradable plastic film special materials and product creation and industrialization project" and other biodegradable plastic film related scientific research projects to carry out tests and achievements transformation in the pilot area, and support the industrialization application projects of related scientific research achievements according to the city's green technology innovation policies.


03 Encourage leading enterprises in catering industry and agricultural product retail industry to actively practice green responsibility


Relevant departments in the urban area should take the initiative to build a communication platform, encourage and guide relevant leading enterprises to fully use biodegradable agricultural film, seedling bowl, rope sling, etc. in agricultural product cooperation bases in the two districts, constantly expand the scope of agricultural product cooperation bases, take the use of biodegradable agricultural film as an important consideration for purchasing green agricultural products, and reduce plastic pollution from the source of production.


04 Monitoring of micro plastic pollution in farmland and water


The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission support and guide the two districts to set up monitoring points for farmland in combination with the field tenure system and long-term positioning monitoring of farmland quality, continue to monitor the residue of mulch film, set up monitoring points for Miyun Reservoir and key river sections, lakes and reservoirs within its jurisdiction, continue to monitor water microplastics, and comprehensively grasp the current situation and change trend of regional microplastics pollution.


Tourist attractions


05 Strengthen the management of disposable plastic products such as tourist attractions and rural homestays above the level within the jurisdiction


Relevant municipal departments guide the two districts to promote the use of degradable plastic shopping bags, strengthen the classified management of garbage, separately recycle plastic waste such as plastic takeout lunch boxes, packaging bags, beverage bottles, and encourage the use of reusable cultural cloth bags, paper bags, and other alternative plastic products.


Retail sector


06 Standardize the use of plastic bags in farmers' markets


The two districts should further standardize the use of plastic shopping bags in farmers' markets. The commercial department should guide and standardize the farmers' market to realize the unified purchase and sale of plastic shopping bags, and gradually promote alternative products; Stop using non degradable disposable plastic shopping bags by the end of 2024, and complete the tasks of the Action Plan one year ahead of schedule. The market supervision department shall, according to law, impose administrative penalties on the use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags in the market.


Standardize the recycling of plastic products


07 Strengthen the promotion of biodegradable garbage bags


In the two district waste classification demonstration community, encourage and guide residents to use biodegradable plastic bags to contain household kitchen waste, promote scientific and rational reuse of biodegradable products, and alleviate the odor problem of kitchen waste.


08 Support the construction of renewable resources recovery system


Encourage the two districts to build district level renewable resource sorting centers through PPP, improve the three-level recycling system of recyclable materials recycling points, transfer stations and sorting centers, standardize the recycling of waste plastics, and reduce the amount of plastic waste from the source.


09 Explore the recycling of disposable plastic lunch boxes


The two districts should combine with the classification of domestic waste, actively explore the recycling mode of disposable plastic lunch boxes, and the relevant municipal departments should guide Miyun District and Yanqing District to incorporate light pollution disposable plastic lunch boxes (that is, after simple cleaning, there is no residual food, and no plastic lunch boxes contaminated with a lot of oil and soup) into the recyclable system in the built-up areas and tourist attractions, and coordinate the takeout platform enterprises to carry out recycling, sorting, recycling and other work.


Strengthen the tracking and evaluation of plastic pollution control


10. Entrust a professional third-party organization to carry out follow-up evaluation of pilot work


The two districts should strengthen the evaluation of the effectiveness of plastic pollution control in their own areas. Relevant municipal departments entrust a third party organization to strengthen the follow-up investigation on the implementation of plastic pollution control measures and pollution status in key industries and regions of the two districts by means of visits and surveys. Based on the investigation results, objectively evaluate the control effectiveness, propose improvement suggestions, and promote the control work in the demonstration area to achieve new results.


Strengthen publicity and guidance of plastic pollution control


11 Carry out extensive publicity on plastic pollution control


The two districts should make full use of their own publicity channels to carry out extensive publicity work on plastic pollution control. The municipal competent departments of various industries shall, according to the division of responsibilities, do a good job in publicizing and interpreting the plastic pollution control policies of their own industries, make use of traditional media and new media platforms, and guide the two districts to integrate media, fully tap and promote grass-roots innovation achievements and typical practices, and launch a batch of innovative, vivid and lively plastic restriction publicity works.


12 Carry out voluntary activities to guide citizens to participate


Relevant municipal departments and relevant departments of the two districts guide industry associations, social organizations, etc. to organize voluntary services in the two districts, give full play to the role of volunteers, carry out activities such as popularizing plastic reduction knowledge to small and micro businesses, promoting disposable plastic substitutes and biodegradable products, as well as plastic garbage collection activities in scenic spots, parks and other key areas, and use volunteer force to drive residents in the two districts to participate in plastic pollution control.

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