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Plastic itself is not a pollutant, so we should make good use of the "treasure" placed in the wrong place

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Plastic itself is not a pollutant, so we should make good use of the "treasure" placed in the wrong place

There is no garbage in the world, only "treasures" misplaced. As an important basic material, plastic is widely used in all aspects of economic and social life. It not only brings many conveniences, but also brings great challenges to environmental governance. China attaches great importance to plastic pollution control. The national "plastic restriction order" was officially implemented on June 1, 2008. Since 2020, the opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control and the action plan for plastic pollution control during the 14th five year plan have been issued. Although plastic pollution control has made positive progress, due to cost, technology, habits and other reasons, as well as the widespread use everywhere, the treatment effect is not satisfactory. Plastic itself is not a pollutant, with dual attributes of resource and environment. To strengthen the treatment of plastic pollution, we need to focus on all links of the whole chain and do a good job in the high-quality treatment of "reduction, reuse and CO treatment".

Multi pronged promotion and reduction. Adhere to the combination of blockage and drainage, address both symptoms and root causes, and promote the reduction of production and use at the source. Strict supervision and reduction should be carried out. We will severely crack down on black workshops that illegally produce ultra-thin plastic bags, ultra-thin agricultural films and daily chemical products containing plastic beads, and strictly prevent plastic products banned by the state from entering the market. We will strengthen the special governance of key industries such as catering, supermarkets, express delivery, takeout and e-commerce platforms, and urge operating enterprises to implement their main responsibilities. We should strengthen the substitution reduction. The government should combine with the market to guide the rational layout of the degradable plastic industry, increase support for the development of renewable plastics and the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics in the development and utilization of degradable plastic resources in terms of Taxation, financing, etc., and issue the guidance catalogue of degradable products. Impose additional consumption tax on consumers and enterprises using non degradable plastic products, or promote plastic pricing, reflect the negative externalities of plastic in plastic prices, and encourage the use of alternative materials. Technical support should be provided for reduction. Promote the green design of plastic products and improve the safety and recycling performance of plastic products. Strengthen the research and development of recyclable, recyclable and degradable alternative materials, products and key core technologies, as well as the transformation of achievements, so as to improve the quality and performance of alternative materials and products. Strengthen the construction of standards and monitoring capacity, issue mandatory standards and labels for degradable plastic products, standardize the application fields, strictly investigate the behavior of false and false labels, and reduce the abuse of degradable plastic application scenarios and inefficient application development.
Take multiple measures to promote reuse. Plastic waste recycling can not only solve the pollution problem, but also realize "turning waste into treasure". It is estimated that each ton of waste plastics recycled can save 3 tons of oil, which reduces sewage discharge by 45% and energy consumption by 60% to 70% compared with the use of raw resources. China recycles 16million to 19million tons of plastic every year, which still has great potential and space compared with the annual output of more than 100 million tons of plastic. Garbage classification should be promoted. Accelerate the improvement of the classified collection, transportation and disposal system of urban and rural domestic waste, promote the effective classification of plastic waste, improve the incineration capacity and harmless disposal level of domestic waste, and significantly reduce the direct landfill volume of plastic waste and environmental leakage. We should promote standardized recycling. Establish and improve the recycling system of waste materials, and reasonably arrange waste material recycling sites. Give play to the network advantages of grassroots supply and marketing cooperatives, and continue to promote the collection of waste agricultural materials such as waste agricultural film and pesticide packaging. We should promote recycling. Cultivate and develop new modes and new business forms of waste plastic recycling, promote the application of advanced and applicable technical equipment and processes, support the construction of recycling projects, and promote the agglomeration, scale, standardization, specialization, informatization and clean development of waste plastic recycling industry.
Multi party linkage to promote common governance. The treatment of plastic pollution is a complex systematic project, which requires the participation of many parties. We should strengthen governance according to law. Encourage qualified provinces and cities to issue local regulations, timely promote the introduction of laws and regulations on plastic prohibition and restriction at the national level, strictly define the scope of use of special disposable plastic products, clarify the legal responsibilities of production, sales and users, and strengthen binding and disciplinary force. We should strengthen departmental coordination. We will further improve the coordination and promotion mechanism, clarify the leading departments for the work of banning and restricting plastics in key areas, and solve the problem that the commercial department is responsible for supervision but has no law enforcement team and power. We will further promote the "two random and one open" and improve the reporting system for the use and recycling of disposable plastic products. We will continue to carry out joint special actions for governance and transfer outstanding problems to ecological and environmental protection inspectors. Improve the assessment and evaluation, bring the plastic pollution control into the local high-quality development index system, and compact local responsibilities. We should strengthen the participation of the whole people. Strengthen media publicity and popularization of scientific knowledge, guide the public to consciously fulfill the obligation of classified release of domestic waste, be more tolerant and understanding of various alternative products, and actively say "no" to plastic products that do not meet national regulations. Carry out the establishment of green schools, strengthen the formation of behavior habits of primary and secondary school students, and strengthen the awareness of green environmental protection from childhood. We will strengthen the leading and exemplary role of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, bring green consumption into the important content of the creation of spiritual civilization, and make the prohibition and restriction of plastic become a good social trend.
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