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"New wine in old bottles"! Cosmetics industry vigorously promotes environmental protection

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"New wine in old bottles"! Cosmetics industry vigorously promotes environmental protection

Environmental protection packaging is an inevitable trend in the development of cosmetics packaging. At present, domestic enterprises are striving to grow.

According to the news on May 6 from Japan's NHK television station, recently, the "upcycling" business of turning waste into treasure has become popular among Japanese enterprises, especially food related enterprises, which are actively developing the business of turning food materials that people usually throw away, such as fruit peels, into processed food. A large Japanese food delivery company has successfully made related products. They make pear handles into snack chips and banana peel into fruit paste.
This kind of environment-friendly food is a sight. When looking back to the cosmetics field, the industry and enterprises are also trying to reduce the pollution and harm to the environment while focusing on development. It should be known that with the popularity of natural environmental protection, the advocacy of green and low-carbon concept, and the pursuit of nature and green in the production and use of the cosmetics track with fierce competition, it has gradually become the inevitable development trend of the industry.
Sephora Overpackaged into a Typical Case
At the end of April, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced a number of typical cases of law enforcement of over packaging of commodities. One case involving cosmetics is the case of Sephora (Shanghai) Cosmetics Sales Co., Ltd. selling over packaged perfume investigated and handled by Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau.
It is understood that on July 1, 2020, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision entrusted Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology to supervise and spot check Sephora (Shanghai) Cosmetics Sales Co., Ltd. After testing, it was confirmed that the packaging void ratio of the "Burberry flower and her fragrance Festival gift box" and "Gucci flower luxury gift box" perfume products sold by him did not meet the national standards, and they were over packaged goods. On January 21, 2021, the Market Supervision Bureau of Huangpu District ordered correction in accordance with the law and interviewed relevant manufacturers.
In the afternoon of April 26, the review meeting for the No. 1 Amendment to the National Standard "Food and Cosmetics Requirements for Restricting Excessive Packaging of Commodities" was held. It was proposed at the meeting that the production organization should take measures to control the cost of all packages, except those directly contacting with the contents, not to exceed 20% of the product sales price.
As we all know, in addition to the product itself, the highlighted outer packaging can also play a positive role in promoting the communication between the brand and consumers. Proper packaging can not only attract consumers' attention, but also reflect the brand's taste thoroughly. Nowadays, more and more cosmetic enterprises pay attention to the environmental protection of outer packaging and consciously join the green team.
Business Road Zongzong and Interface News jointly released the 2021 China Sustainable Consumption Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report). The Report shows that low carbon consumption is becoming a daily activity of more and more people. More and more consumers hope that the low carbon consumption market can continue to grow in the future and there are more low carbon products and services to choose from.
Recycling of waste packaging materials shows their own magic
The wind of environmental protection also blows into the cosmetics field. But it is clear that this is not just a gust of wind, nor has it been felt recently.
The reporter from Tide Watch learned that on the eve of the "2022 National Cosmetic Safety Science Popularization Week", the China Department Store Association issued an initiative to the retail enterprises to "carry out green recycling of cosmetic packaging materials for retail enterprises".
The proposal points out that first, we should give full play to the main role of retail enterprises in the safe and green operation of cosmetics, effectively enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, adhere to the concept of environmental protection in cosmetics business activities, and carry out green operation.
Second, we should establish a recycling mechanism and process for waste cosmetic packaging materials according to the enterprise's own situation, effectively recycle and properly dispose of waste packaging materials.
Third, we should guide consumers to establish the concept of green and environment-friendly consumption, encourage consumers to actively participate in the recycling of empty cosmetic bottles in a variety of ways of feedback through online and offline combination, and reduce the waste rate of packaging materials.
Fourth, it is necessary to publicize and popularize cosmetics safety knowledge, improve consumers' product discrimination, enhance consumers' awareness of combating counterfeits and safeguarding their rights, and prevent brand cosmetics packaging materials from being recycled into the channels of counterfeiting and selling from the source, so as to protect consumers from using cosmetics safely.
Fifth, we should carry out science education on circular economy and green development, as well as knowledge training on environmental protection and packaging material recycling, so as to give full play to the effective role of employees in guiding green consumption.
These initiatives are based on the problems existing in the market. For example, recycling of waste packaging materials is not only about environmental protection. A few days ago, the People's Court of Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province announced a case of the sale of "real bottles of counterfeit" cosmetics. After investigation, the gang involved in the case purchased a large number of empty bottles of genuine cosmetics from idle websites, filled and sold them after adulterating and diluting the genuine cosmetics, and pretended to be the commissioned version of different regions and sold them on the online shopping platform at a low price. The illegal income amounted to 31 million yuan. In the actual consumption link, consumers often identify whether the product is genuine or not, so the intermediary who collects and sells authentic empty bottles has become an important role in the criminal chain. The act of making and selling fake products is extremely harmful to brands, consumers and the market.
At present, many cosmetics and skin care brands are aware of the importance of recycling empty bottles of cosmetics, and are actively taking action.
Some choose the form of point deduction. For example, Koyan's reward for cosmetic bottle recycling activities is to collect ten empty bottles in North America, which can be exchanged for one travel packed product. M. Any packaging of A. C products (including lipstick, eyebrow pencil and other small packages that are difficult to recycle), in any counters or stores in North America, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions. Every 6 packages can be replaced with a formal lipstick. On the one hand, this is conducive to improving the repurchase rate of consumers, on the other hand, it also improves consumers' awareness of environmental protection.
Some rely on publicity to drive consumers. For example, Yueshifengyin encourages consumers to take the empty bottles back to the store through the words on the bottles, and turns the empty bottles into new product packaging and decorative objects after cleaning.
The form of replacement is more easily accepted by the market. For example, the replacement cores of major brands of air cushion products are cheaper than formal ones. For example, DIOR upgraded the light fragrance for men in the wilderness to interchangeable, and the refilled bottle is made of aluminum, which can be recycled and lighter. Another example is the cutting-edge brand Zhiben, which is nicknamed as "environmental protection company" in the industry: reusable environmental protection express box, replaceable packaging design, empty bottle recycling
Nowadays, a large number of young Chinese consumers have become increasingly aware of environmental protection. The choice of environmentally friendly cosmetics is not only a manifestation of environmental protection, but also a refusal to pay for over packaged products.
Welcome to environmental protection action pk
Of course, there are many brands, and environmental protection packaging materials have been selected at the production end.
The domestic brand revert claims that each of their packages is made of environmental friendly materials certified by FCS. The corn foam filling particles in the packages are composed of 100% de corn starch, which is 100% degradable, compostable and residue free.
Last year, P&G officials announced that they would cooperate with Paboco, a paper bottle company, to launch the first paper bottle packaging for its Lenovo brand, which would be piloted in Western Europe in 2022. It is reported that P&G's global fabric and home care department joined the Paboco paper bottle community and began to produce bottles made entirely of biological materials to reduce the use of plastic and carbon footprint and contribute to creating sustainable packaging solutions.
Koyan also uses biodegradable materials and simple and environment-friendly packaging as much as possible. Many products do not have paper boxes. At the same time, consumers are encouraged to "re create" empty bottles of cosmetics and turn them into creative ornaments, vases or collections at home.
Environmental protection packaging is an inevitable trend in the development of cosmetics packaging. At present, domestic enterprises are striving to grow. It is commendable that, despite the long road ahead, more and more enterprises have begun to participate in it. While practicing their own green environmental protection concept, they have attracted more consumers to be affected by it and change themselves. On the way of cosmetics environmental protection, we hope that more and more fellow travelers will join in, strengthen the team, and make a great momentum, so that the environmental protection wind can blow to every corner, in all aspects!
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