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New packaging laws and regulations will be implemented from September 1st

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New packaging laws and regulations will be implemented from September 1st

In order to solve the problem of excessive packaging of food and cosmetics, achieve environmental conservation, reduce consumer burden, and promote the healthy development of the market economy, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the national standard GB 23350-2021 "Restriction of Excessive Packaging of Goods - Requirements for Food and Cosmetics" (hereinafter referred to as the standard) on August 10, 2021.



To provide a certain buffer for production and sales enterprises, a 2-year transition period has been granted, and this standard will be officially implemented on September 1st of this year. This national mandatory standard restricts excessive packaging of food and cosmetics.




Draw the key point first! Scope of application of the new regulations


Which packaging will be restricted?


This document mainly focuses on food and cosmetics, with requirements, testing, and judgment rules for limiting excessive packaging.


Among them, specific standards for 31 types of food and 16 types of cosmetics are subdivided, covering various types of packaging such as tea, wine, canned goods, pastries, etc. that can be touched in daily life.


Many friends may be panicked when they hear this, isn't it that visiting relatives and friends with small gifts is subject to restrictions?


Here comes the key! This regulation also specifies the purpose of the scenario, mainly applicable to the sales packaging of the above categories, excluding gifts or other non sales items.


So friends who have gift giving or self use needs can still choose their favorite tea gift boxes or holiday gift boxes to convey their feelings, without worrying about purchasing packaging boxes that are not up to standard.




Main changes in the newly revised standards


What are the specified contents


Compared to the 2009 version, this standard has revised and supplemented the definitions of terms such as contents, packaging layers, and packaging porosity.


Added the definition and quantity of comprehensive product terms and necessary space coefficients, and deleted the definition of initial packaging.


1) Excessive Packaging Restriction Requirements


The limiting requirements include packaging porosity, number of packaging layers, and packaging cost.


interspace ratio


The official term explanation is the ratio of the necessary space occupied by removing the contents from the packaging to the total volume of the packaging.


Simply put, it refers to the proportion of the remaining parts to the total packaging volume, excluding the product's own capacity. The specific calculation formula is as follows:


Among them, X - packaging porosity, and the requirements for the maximum porosity are shown in Table 1; Vn - Sales packaging volume of goods (mm3); V0- Volume of contents (mm3), which is converted based on the net content of the product standard. 1g of contents is converted to 1000mm3; K - The necessary space coefficient of the product. The standard stipulates that the necessary space coefficient for tea and related products is 13.


Let's take a common tea packaging gift box on the market, which contains 250g (half a kilogram) of tea as an example:


The packaging size is approximately 360 × two hundred and thirty × 90 mm, let's take a look at the calculation method and application of tea packaging porosity.


According to the standard, the porosity of 250g tea should be ≤ 30%; V0=250 for 250g tea × 250000mm for 1000 ³ (1g of contents converted to 1000mm) ³)。


Visible, size 360 × two hundred and thirty × 90mm tea packaging gift box with 250g tea leaves

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