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Nanjing printed and distributed the annual key work plan for Plastic pollution control

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Nanjing printed and distributed the annual key work plan for Plastic pollution control

On July 25, the reporter learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission that Nanjing has recently formulated and printed the 2023 key work plan for Plastic pollution control in Nanjing to accelerate the construction of a recycling system of plastic waste and improve the quality of urban and rural human settlements.


According to the plan, this year Nanjing will further focus on key links, key areas and key regions, highlight key priorities, and continue to promote the whole chain governance of Plastic pollution; The development of the biodegradable, replaceable, recyclable, and recyclable plastic material industry in focusing on cultivating new business models that are conducive to standardized recycling and recycling.


Among them, in terms of strengthening the supervision of key areas of use, Nanjing will do a good job in the supervision of commercial use, strengthen the supervision and management of the use and reporting of disposable plastic products, and encourage guidance. Standardize the use and recycling of plastic products in delivery e-commerce, further urge e-commerce platforms (including delivery platforms) to optimize platform related rules, strengthen the management of inbound merchants, and guide merchants to implement one-time plastic product reduction and substitution actions. Encourage e-commerce platform (including takeaway platform) enterprises to guide consumers to use alternative products by establishing credit feedback, green credit and other mechanisms, and carry out multi-party cooperation with environmental sanitation units, enterprises returning to Nanjing to print and distribute annual key work plans for Plastic pollution control, to explore and promote the recycling and disposal of takeaway packaging. Compacting the main responsibility of enterprises, strengthening the supervision and implementation of enterprises, fully implementing the relevant national regulations on the production and sales of plastic products and restricting the Overpackaging of commodities, and effectively curbing the illegal use of plastic Overpackaging for moon cakes, Zongzi, tea, health food, cosmetics and other key products. Strengthen environmental supervision in the recycling, utilization, and disposal of plastic waste, and investigate and punish illegal discharge of pollutants in accordance with the law. Guide industry associations in key areas such as e-commerce, delivery, and express delivery to strengthen industry self-discipline and further standardize order.


In terms of continuing to promote the cleaning and remediation of Plastic pollution, we will continue to organize the cleaning of plastic waste, promote the cleaning of plastic waste in the agricultural field, organize the cleaning of plastic waste in rivers and waters, optimize the plastic waste recycling system, and promote the high standard resource-based energy utilization. For plastic waste with renewable value, we will encourage the adoption of technologically mature and economically feasible technology paths, reshape new products, and save resources, Improve the quality of resource recycling industry development. At the same time, we will strengthen the management of Waste sorting, promote high standard energy utilization, and promote the harmless treatment and high standard energy utilization of plastic wastes and other wastes with high sorting costs that are not suitable for resource utilization.


In terms of cultivating new business forms and new models of volume reduction and recycling, we will fully implement the volume reduction requirements in production and sales, continue to promote the use reduction of disposable plastic products, orderly promote plastic substitutes, accelerate the promotion and application of green recyclable express packaging, urge the implementation of management regulations such as the Requirements for Restrictions on Overpackaging of Postal Express, and vigorously implement the "9218" project of ecological and environmental protection in the postal express industry, Guide e-commerce enterprises to cooperate with commodity production enterprises, promote the original packaging of e-commerce express packages, and increase the proportion of low weight, high-strength express packaging boxes and non adhesive boxes. By the end of 2023, the proportion of e-commerce express packages no longer requiring secondary packaging will reach 95%. At the same time, promote standardized circulation and sharing of logistics turnover boxes to create logistics

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