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Japan's new move of environmental protection has become a hot spot: the popularity of beverage bottles with improved packaging is rising

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Japan's new move of environmental protection has become a hot spot: the popularity of beverage bottles with improved packaging is rising

On December 1, 2021, most of the top ten winners of the annual neologisms and catchwords awards released by Japan flashed across the night sky like a meteor. More than half a year has passed since 2022. Among the top ten buzzwords of last year, sdgs (sustainable development goals) is the only word that is still common in the media and is becoming more and more familiar. In fact, the so-called sdgs include 17 environmental protection goals, but where ordinary people remember, in short, environmental protection is all.


Of course, circular economy has become a new trend for many enterprises to carry forward brand development. Otsuka pharmaceutical company is in line with its duty and announced the re launch of reusable glass bottled baokuang Ritter after 25 years. This old sports drink "baokuang Ritter" is not only popular in Japan, but also famous in many parts of the world. The glass bottle of baokuangli water launched this time removes the usual plastic labels, prints the product logo directly on the glass bottle, and prints the product information on the surface of the metal bottle cap, thus reducing the production process of disposable plastic labels.
Glass bottled Gemini water was officially launched on July 12, but it is currently only sold in 66 AEON supermarket chains in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Ibaraki and Kyoto counties through the recycling system loop in the form of a new "reusable container". The glass bottle has a capacity of 250 ml, the price is 248 yen (including 77 yen deposit), and the shelf life is the same as that of the plastic bottle for 13 months. It can be drunk anytime and anywhere, but it must be drunk at one time, because the metal cover cannot be closed again. Therefore, it is not suitable to take it with you. It is only suitable for daily water replenishment, such as after taking a bath, working at a desk or getting up in the morning. If you can't finish it in one breath, you can pour it into a cup at home.
After drinking the empty bottle, you can use the mobile app to find a shop with a loop recycling box nearby, print a QR code sticker at the recycling box, scan the code with a special app, paste the sticker on the container and put it into the recycling box. After the container is confirmed to be safe to return to the factory in the future, the 77 yen glass bottle deposit will be returned to the mobile phone account.
The glass packaging visually inherits the brand's iconic blue, and the metal cover similar to the beer bottle is quite retro, which is also catering to the Showa fashion feelings popular among young people at present.
This novel and attractive sales method has already aroused the appetite of consumers. On Tuesday, when it was officially launched, many stores lined up early and attracted many media reporters. Customers have expressed their support for this environmental protection method. Many people unanimously praise the beautiful design of glass bottles as too cute. They feel cool and comfortable when holding them in their hands, and they also love empty bottles. They are reluctant to throw them into the recycling bin, and feel that it is also unique to put them at home as containers or vases.
Although I had no time to join the fun on the day of listing, two days later I found the loop commodity shelf in the nearby AEON supermarket, and the legendary cute glass bottle commodity had long disappeared. The clerk explained that the product was so popular that it sold out in minutes, and it was unknown when it would be purchased.
When interviewed by the media, the relevant person in charge expressed his joy: "thank you for your understanding of this business model and your love for goods. For the cost accounting of this environmentally friendly sales method, you still need to share and confirm with relevant companies. However, you are also prepared to 'lose money and make a cry'. I hope to launch some more novel utilization methods in the future, but I still hope you can return the empty bottles as far as possible." Although I say so, I'm probably having fun in my heart. The eye-catching trademark printed on the glass bottle is implanted into every household. With such cost-effective advertising benefits, will you care about losing several batches of glass bottles?
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