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How much do you know about the top 5 packaging trends?

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How much do you know about the top 5 packaging trends?

The current market demand is constantly changing, and packaging experts are also constantly innovating to meet the needs of consumers. Look at the latest. The current market demand is constantly changing, and packaging professionals are innovating to meet the needs of consumers. Today's consumers are more interested in packaging that reflects their values, but it still looks very attractive.


The top five trends of packaging today:


ecological consciousness


More and more important to consumers: environmentally friendly products... including the packaging of these products. According to the annual consumer research plan of the PBPC, consumers prefer companies that participate in sustainable development plans. In terms of packaging, data shows that more than 70% of consumers said that they consciously considered products and packaging made of plant materials when shopping. This is higher than 65% in 2021 and rebounds to the pre-pandemic figure. Consumers rank their main drivers, indicating recyclability, biodegradability, sustainability and composability.


"Most consumers are worried about the impact of the products they buy on the environment," said Brett Featherston, vice president of global sales of Evanesce, a member of PBPC. "They hope that enterprises can provide sustainable alternatives for products that are known to be harmful to the environment - and in many cases, they are willing to pay more for such sustainable products."


Sustainable development is one of the biggest trends affecting the packaging industry, and Moira Stein of Berlin Packaging Insight and Strategy agrees with this. "Consumer demand, retailer requirements and government regulations are all driving the development of environmental protection packaging solutions. We see the rise of refilling and reuse models, alternative materials such as post-consumer recycled plastics and marine plastics, lightweight, and the elimination of unnecessary packaging components. Berlin Packaging adopts a comprehensive sustainable development approach and provides a series of services, including market insight, life cycle analysis, stock options, and customization Solutions and communication strategies. Our customer-centric team combines deep thematic expertise with actual business experience to develop a circular strategy to strengthen the brand and increase profits. "


Ready for shipment


Another trend of packaging is practicality, because the mode of transportation of products from manufacturers to consumers has changed. "The handling capacity of the product may be three times that of the packaging sold through traditional retail, so it needs to be able to withstand strict conditions and rough handling," Moira Stein explained. "In cooperation with suppliers such as Berlin Packaging, we have a responsive quality service department and APASS (Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network) certification, which can help solve problems, prevent waste and reduce costs."


E-commerce packaging


"The rapid growth of e-commerce - including web-based retail, B2C and D2C, subscription plans and online markets - is affecting packaging," Moira Stein said, "E-commerce packaging has its unique design and logistics considerations. In addition to transportation and handling, e-commerce has changed the role of packaging brand design. Graphics not only need to perform well on the shelf, but also must stand out on computer monitors, tablet screens or mobile phones. Studio One 11 Design and Innovation Department in Berlin has created influential solutions with e-commerce in mind."




Customized packaging can reach people in a more personalized way, Moira Stein shared. "Coca-Cola's" Share Coke "is a good example. The first year of the activity's sales increased by 19%. Personalization can increase value and relevance, and the rise of digital printing makes personalized packaging more feasible... Consumers increasingly hope that brands can customize products, experiences and content according to their specific needs and interests. According to a recent study by GlobalData, 60% of consumers will receive products or services Whether it is suitable for their needs and personality. "


Easy to use


"Consumers hope that products can save their time and energy. The advantages and attributes of convenient packaging design may vary according to the category," Moira Stein said, "For sauces, condiments and condiments, it can include inverted bottles to facilitate the distribution of products. In the category of spices and condiments, it can include ergonomic shapes and seals that allow one-handed dumping, such as Morton's Sea Salt and Sea Salt Rubs designed by Studio One Eleven. In the field of snacks, it can include separate sizes and pre-distributed components, providing convenient and improved content control System. Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive to price, and the benefits of providing convenience can create enhanced user experience and important differences, thus promoting sales. "

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