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Green Revolution in Food Packaging

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Green Revolution in Food Packaging

Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, usually includes two types: recyclable and biodegradable. At present, there have been many green packaging in the market. Recyclable types, such as a foreign beer brand, have broken and rebuilt the entire beer packaging line. Sea glass bottles (smooth glass debris after polishing by water, sand and waves in nature) are used as the main packaging materials to save a lot of water resources in the production of glass products; Biodegradable type: For example, a coffee pot made of coffee grounds of a certain brand is collected, dried and mixed with biopolymers, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resin, wax and oil. This composite material is biodegradable, light in weight, with the smell of coffee and the appearance of dark wood.

The cost rise is the biggest obstacle for food packaging enterprises and brands in their efforts to "reduce plastics". The process of environment-friendly packaging materials is complex. The use of environment-friendly materials means the change from the entire raw material channel to the production line, which requires investment in equipment, production processes, personnel training and other aspects. Therefore, it is very costly for an enterprise to adopt environment-friendly packaging.
Fortunately, consumers have awakened their awareness of environmental protection. According to the 2021 Global Consumer Insight Report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 55% of respondents around the world would like to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging or less packaging, and 54% would buy products from companies that pay attention to and support environmental protection.
For food brands, when a mature traceability chain is formed in the food life cycle, the information about the composition, source and recycling of packaging materials will become more and more transparent. Even by scanning the traceability code on the packaging, consumers can understand the brand's efforts in environmental protection, which can also promote them to better handle the used packaging and improve the green closed-loop of production, transportation, use and recycling.
For food packaging enterprises, the supervision of the packaging industry will be greatly enhanced in the future. When the carbon footprint of the production of environment-friendly packaging materials and the carbon emissions of the production plants can be calculated and recorded, they can quickly respond to market supervision; In addition, packaging materials with "green label" can seize the opportunity in the fierce industry competition and be seen and adopted by more brands.
Blockchain technology and chain only industry solutions are a strong driving force to help food brands and packaging enterprises develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly.
The Walkers potato chip company, which was jointly protested as mentioned earlier, has launched a plan to recycle potato chip bags and produce them into recycled products. Nowadays, low carbon lifestyle has become a fashion, a kind of values, promoting the development of low carbon environmental protection packaging. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in environmental packaging research and development technology, consumer environmental protection implementation and other aspects.
Is recyclable packaging really recycled? Can degradable packaging really save the planet?
What can be determined is that the earth is not recyclable. The above questions need to be answered jointly by the brand side, the packaging side, the supply chain side and consumers.
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