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"Green" packaging enables the low-carbon development of FMCG

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"Green" packaging enables the low-carbon development of FMCG

For daily FMCG, a large number of packaging materials such as bottles, bags, hoses, color boxes, cartons and so on need to be used every year, and most products are thrown away when they are used up, so a lot of plastic, pulp and other resources will be consumed. In order to reduce carbon emissions and save resources, FMCG enterprises are making packaging more "green".

At present, some FMCG enterprises are replacing refractory plastics with materials that are easier to recycle. It is understood that old spice&secret has launched an all paper, Zero plastic antiperspirant package. The paper package is made of recycled paper, and the "push-pull" design is used to replace the can design, which can replace a variety of packaging materials such as plastic. Data show that if 10% of the current antiperspirant product packaging is replaced with recycled paper or other recyclable materials, more than 6800 tons of plastic waste can be reduced every year. In addition, the "wild little green bottle" of phyto philosophy uses new aluminum bottles to replace the original plastic packaging, reducing the use of plastic by more than 60%. The packaging of Olay red bottles has been upgraded from non recyclable plastic bottles to recyclable glass bottles, reducing the use of plastic by about 106 tons in only one year (equivalent to the plastic use of 8 million 500ml mineral water bottles). P & G's razor packaging also began to use paper lining to replace the original plastic lining.
Through scientific calculation, subtraction is made on the packaging and instructions, which effectively saves resources and costs, and has also become the direction of energy conservation and consumption reduction for daily chemical enterprises. According to the relevant personage of P & G Meishang business department, in terms of packaging, they optimized the middle layer weight of cartons by accurately calculating the load-bearing, and reduced the use of 21 tons of cardboard every year. In addition, in the process of product transportation, recyclable turnover boxes are used to transport packaging materials, reducing the scrap of 30000 cartons every year and saving 15 tons of cardboard. It is understood that the product manual of Olay red bottle is no longer paper, and consumers can scan the QR code to get the information of the manual. Due to the use of electronic instructions, 7.7 million pieces are reduced every year, saving 38.5 tons of paperboard.
The recycling of logistics packaging boxes is the link of the transformation of daily FMCG enterprises. Because the recycling logistics packaging box involves upstream suppliers and downstream sellers, only the whole chain can realize recycling, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is understood that P & G has developed and designed reusable packaging boxes for FMCG, and has worked with upstream suppliers to actively promote the construction of recycling networks. At the same time, in conjunction with the e-commerce platform, the closed-loop recycling network of FMCG has been completed. According to reports, as of June 2020, P & G has launched 120000 recycled containers, and it is expected to expand to more than 3million recycled containers in multiple categories in the next 12 months, which is equivalent to reducing the use of more than 3 million cartons and more than 1000 tons of paper every year.
E-commerce channel packaging innovation is also an important way to continuously reduce consumption and emission. Some companies develop "green" e-commerce channel packaging according to the needs of their products. For example, "air capsule" has applied for 12 global patents and obtained China's "double easy certification" (plastic products are easy to recycle and regenerate). By inflating the package, the "air capsule" can save packaging materials, reduce the packaging weight, and reduce the vibration of items in the process of mailing, so as to save materials, ensure the safety of items, and reduce energy consumption at the same time.
While constantly improving the packaging, FMCG enterprises also constantly call on consumers to take environmental protection actions to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Xu Min, chairman and CEO of P & G Greater China, said, "a single thread does not form a line, and a single tree does not form a forest. P & G looks forward to working with more partners to build a new pattern of sustainable production and consumption. At the same time, in the rapidly changing global environment, we will always focus on consumers and make sustainable development a core competitive advantage."
It is understood that many companies integrate the concept of sustainable development into the offline shopping experience. From the end of March to June this year, P & G, together with the six partners of JD home, Yonghui, Wal Mart, RT mart, China Resources Vanguard and Wumart, successively launched the activities of "environmental protection heroes, great differences in the earth" across the country, encouraging and inviting children and their families to participate in the offline series of environmental protection activities of "understanding energy-saving signs, recycling empty bottles, and turning waste into treasure", and driving the whole family to participate in environmental protection through the children's environmental protection behavior, Let sustainable lifestyles enter thousands of households.
China strives to achieve "carbon peak" by 2030 and "carbon neutralization" by 2060. The seemingly long-term and distant goals of carbon peak and carbon neutralization are actually closely related to the continuous efforts of every enterprise and everyone.
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