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Environmental protection management should avoid "taking it for granted" and "one size fits all"

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Environmental protection management should avoid "taking it for granted" and "one size fits all"

As the central government attaches great importance to environmental protection and all localities take positive actions, a large number of polluting enterprises have been rectified and shut down, effectively improving the ecological environment. However, in this process, some "take it for granted" and "one size fits all" administrative chaos also appeared. These behaviors are not only not beneficial to the ecological and environmental protection, but also infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and violate the good original intention of environmental protection governance.

Ecological environment is a systematic project. Environmental protection management should comprehensively consider and coordinate the rights and interests of all parties. We can't "tear down the east wall to make up the west wall", let alone take care of the "sesame" and hurt the "watermelon". However, in order to cope with the pressure of environmental protection assessment, some places failed to consider the problem from the strategic height of regional development, and lacked the overall awareness of "one game of chess" planning and drawing a blueprint to the end. They started "one size fits all" and "stop first and talk again", and used simple and rough governance models to deal with complex environmental governance problems.
For example, some areas "cut the bend and straighten" the curved river. They wanted to reduce the blockage of the river and speed up the flow rate to make the water live, but they destroyed the "natural production room" of aquatic organisms; In some areas, reinforced concrete is used to harden the river banks and river bottoms, which was intended to reduce river scouring, but weakened the self purification capacity of the river; In some areas, hydropower projects have been launched blindly. They wanted to obtain energy and economic benefits, but they have caused ecological problems such as drought and cut-off.
In some other places, the environmental protection treatment plan is lack of preliminary research. When the "one size fits all" plan that "patting the head" came up with landed, it was "acclimatized", resulting in the elimination of enterprises that should not be eliminated and the "rebirth" of enterprises that have been eliminated. During the visit, the reporter found that in the process of eliminating backward production capacity in some places, the relevant departments did not look at the comprehensive factors such as production capacity, energy consumption and efficiency of enterprises, but took it for granted to formulate a single standard for enterprise shutdown, resulting in many innovative enterprises being "wrongly injured", some even being forcibly closed, while some enterprises that had been eliminated by the market took the opportunity to "revive", Cause greater pollution to the environment.
The "take it for granted" pollution control plan is acclimatized, and the damage to the legal environment caused by some administrative law enforcement that "deviated" during implementation should not be underestimated. Some environmental protection departments and staff have nonstandard law enforcement procedures, one-sided emphasis on law enforcement results and simplified law enforcement procedures. In the process of law enforcement, there are often some situations, such as unclear grasp of policies, insufficient understanding of laws, inaccurate identification of facts and so on. Even in some places, in the process of implementation, they ignore due law enforcement procedures and damage the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.
Those behaviors of "taking things for granted" and "patting the head" in the process of environmental protection governance cause a great waste of human, material and financial resources. Instead of fundamentally solving the ecological and environmental problems, they may create more ecological problems and even social problems.
First, the development of local production and environmental protection is closely related to the development of local enterprises and local residents. Only scientific decision-making and fair law enforcement can make environmental protection governance more in line with the people's feelings and public opinion, and make environmental protection governance more in line with the requirements of high-quality development.
In this regard, on the one hand, we should deepen the classified implementation of policies, implement the special treatment action of environmental protection step by step, and resolutely shut down and ban the enterprises with serious pollution and hopeless rectification; For enterprises that can meet the standards through rectification, a certain period of time shall be given for rectification; For enterprises that stop production for rectification, if the discharge is stable and up to standard after rectification, the local authorities shall timely accept and resume production.
On the other hand, we should improve the supporting policies as soon as possible and appropriately establish a temporary assistance system for closing enterprises and their workers, so as to realize the smooth transition of their production and life; The losses caused to legitimate enterprises shall be compensated after scientific evaluation.
At the same time, we should also establish an interdisciplinary and multi field environmental protection employment mechanism, let professionals participate in environmental protection actions, and fully demonstrate, compare and select construction projects that affect national economic development and the improvement of people's lives and may have a significant impact on the ecological environment, so as to ensure the scientificity of environmental protection decision-making and implementation.
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