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Department stores actively respond to the green recycling of cosmetic packaging materials

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Department stores actively respond to the green recycling of cosmetic packaging materials

In order to give full play to the positive role of retail enterprises in building ecological civilization and guiding green consumption, the China General Merchandise Association launched the initiative of "green recycling of cosmetics packaging materials" in the industry by promoting the improvement of the utilization efficiency of cosmetics packaging materials and enhancing consumers' environmental awareness and consumption behavior.


After the proposal was issued, the retail member enterprises of China Hundred Association responded positively, and 23 department stores and shopping centers immediately joined the activity. According to the actual business situation, they launched a series of implementation measures in terms of empty bottle recycling of cosmetics, environmental protection and low-carbon business, and participated in the green action of cosmetics package recycling in various forms.


Intime Department Store has placed intelligent recycling machines for empty bottles of cosmetics in many stores. Customers can put empty bottles of various cosmetics into the recycling machines, which can not only exchange red envelopes in the mall, but also exchange the energy of the ant forest. At the same time, it cooperates with institutions with relevant qualifications to make new safe bottles from the empty bottles recycled by the cosmetic bottle recycling machine through professional processes, so as to achieve recycling and prevent the empty bottles of cosmetics from flowing into the fake low-lying areas from the source.


Wangfujing Group carried out the theme activity of "Green Dynamic Life Plan" in 74 stores in 35 cities across the country, and launched time limited task rewards through the small program of "Green Dynamic Energy Task". With the goal of "turning waste into beauty", customers can enjoy the gift of "green and dynamic life" when they bring empty bottles of LA MER, Lancome, Keyan, Clarins, Bioquan, Oushudan, and Yuxi cosmetics to the cabinet. At the same time, the selection activity of "reshaping Huayu" empty bottle DIY production art works was held.


Changzhou Taifu Group's department store cooperated with many brand merchants to carry out the "green recycling of cosmetic packaging materials" activity. The shopper guide actively introduced the recycling mechanism to customers and encouraged the recycling of empty bottles. At the same time, the electronic screen and advertising space of the shopping mall are used to publicize the concepts of green environmental protection, safety and energy conservation in multiple locations and normalization.


Ginza group organized stores to carry out "green recycling, start with me" employee themed publicity activities, mobilized employees to be volunteer propagandists, and forwarded relevant publicity information through we media (circle of friends and Tiktok), forming a secondary communication effect. A special empty bottle recycling box shall be set up at the entrance of the store, escalator, elevator entrance and other obvious positions to reward customers for empty bottle recycling.


Dashang Group held the "Dashang Cosmetics Green Environmental Protection Publicity Week", and all brands carried out brand environmental protection activities online and offline simultaneously. Advocate the environmental protection concept of "green planet, blue ocean", set up an empty bottle recycling station, and customers can get corresponding gifts, points or low value coupons by participating in empty bottle recycling activities.


Chongqing Department Store effectively combines the recycling of cosmetics packaging materials with the marketing activities of attracting customers through "empty bottle recycling" to send shopping vouchers, send cosmetics samples, and enjoy specific consumption discounts or other value-added services. Arrange employees to timely clean the recycled cosmetic packaging, recycle and reuse the recycled cosmetic packaging materials, and classify the garbage, so as to prevent the recycled cosmetic packaging materials from flowing into the channels for counterfeiting and selling. (Li Zichen)

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