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Cosmetics packaging, just look good?

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Cosmetics packaging, just look good?

The rise of the beauty economy has made cosmetics brands pay more and more attention to the appearance packaging. Even when many brands launch new products, they are making gimmicks on the appearance packaging, changing for a more exquisite and cool packaging, and the quality of the products remains unchanged, even because they spend too much on the packaging, which reduces the expenditure on quality.



Packaging is more than quality, which is a common problem in today's cosmetics market.



A truly high-quality cosmetic packaging is not simply to pursue the beauty and uniqueness of the appearance, but to create a form that is more in line with the brand and market characteristics from the characteristics of the product and the needs of consumers. The knowledge of cosmetics packaging is not simple.


High face value should also be combined with demand



Many cosmetics brands often raise their appearance at the expense of practicality when designing the outer packaging of products. For example, Orensena's protein water, in order to make the package look more atmospheric, has adopted an open bottle design with too large mouth, which is almost comparable to the mineral water bottle, resulting in extremely inconvenient use by consumers. Once the pouring angle is too large, it will "pour down", which is very wasteful.



Estee Lauder's flagship DW liquid foundation has not even designed a press pump in order to pursue external beauty! When consumers use it, they have to pour it, and they also have to pour out the exact amount of use, which is very difficult and inconvenient.



Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics must be combined with convenience. The packaging design of the rose bud water of Franca, a brand of Huanya, follows this concept. This flower bud water looks like a large capsule with high beauty value. It also adopts the design of pressing down to make the material evenly spread on the bottle holder, which is not only more sanitary and safe, but also very convenient to take.


Packaging should integrate brand stories



Although packaging has received more and more attention in the cosmetics industry, most domestic cosmetics brands are still too lazy, and still blindly follow the trend of the public in packaging, which is either simple or flashy, or does not reflect the brand personality and brand story.



A high-quality cosmetics package can integrate brand stories and create brand personality. For example, the packaging of Huaxizi, a new domestic cosmetics brand, is closely linked with the traditional Chinese culture, creating its own brand personality and culture from the appearance. The foreign brand Fa San Luo also combines the images of historical celebrities and classic story characters into the product packaging in the form of illustration to show the brand personality.



Some cosmetics brands design their own product packaging by creating an IP image, so as to reflect the brand's story in the appearance. For example, the South Korean brand Looks&Meii (Lushi Aimei), its Dream Horse Girl series cosmetics are presented by designing an IP image of a freckled girl as an outer package to convey the brand concept of the beauty of flaws.


Environmental protection design is the trend


Previously, some products of international brands, such as Chanel and Mystery of Sea Blue, failed to pass the spot check due to the excessive packaging porosity. "Overpackaging" is a problem that has always existed in the cosmetics industry. Many brands usually use oversized packaging when designing gift boxes in order to package the atmosphere, resulting in increased environmental pollution.



From the perspective of international trends, environmental protection packaging has been increasingly valued by the industry and consumers. Earlier, L'Oreal Group and Alb é a, a cosmetics packaging material manufacturer, launched paper tubular packaging, which was first applied to L'Oreal's Lifuquan brand. This paper tubular packaging is easy to degrade and is very conducive to the sustainable development of the environment.



I believe that many women have a deep understanding of the fact that many cosmetics bottles and cans that are used up at ordinary times, and many cosmetics bottles with exquisite craftsmanship are reluctant to throw away. Only when the dresser can't put them down can they be forced to throw away. So it is very important to recycle packaging bottles at this time, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce waste and achieve waste utilization.



In order to seek better development, more and more beauty enterprises are also gradually implementing these themes in the production of products. P&G built a plastic recycling plant and launched recycled plastic packaging bottles; Shiseido also expanded the use of plastic from plants.



Undoubtedly, more and more consumers and brands focus on environmental protection, green and sustainable development. From 70.2% of the consumers interviewed, it can be seen that "sustainable production, environmental awareness and moral constraints" will become an important trend in the development of the beauty industry.

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