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Comprehensively strengthen resource conservation and deeply promote the prevention and control of environmental pollution

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Comprehensively strengthen resource conservation and deeply promote the prevention and control of environmental pollution

In order to implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the deployment of the National Development and Reform Work Conference, on December 30, Liu Dechun, Director of the Department of Environment and Resources of the National Development and Reform Commission, hosted a video conference on the national development, reform, environment and resources system, summarized the work of resource conservation and environmental protection in 2022, and studied and deployed the key work in 2023.



We will coordinate industrial restructuring, pollution control, ecological protection, and climate change, work together to reduce carbon, reduce pollution, expand green space, and grow. We will take the initiative to act, focus on overall planning and coordination, strengthen the concept of systems, do a good job in linking up the top and the bottom, and focus on achieving results. We will spare no effort to do a good job in resource conservation and environmental protection, and make new contributions to promoting ecological priority, conservation and intensification, and green and low-carbon development.



First, we should actively and steadily promote carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. We will do a good job in the daily work of the office of the leading group for carbon peak and carbon neutralization. Based on China's energy and resource endowment, we will adhere to the principle of "standing before breaking", and implement the "Top Ten Actions for Carbon Peak" in a planned way. We will improve the regulation of the total amount and intensity of energy consumption, focus on controlling fossil energy, and gradually shift to the "dual control" system of total carbon emissions and intensity. We will improve the carbon emission statistical accounting system. We will vigorously promote the construction of low-carbon, zero carbon and negative carbon projects, and forge new industrial competitive advantages in the process of implementing the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization. We will make overall plans to promote carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, and actively participate in global governance to address climate change.



Second, accelerate the green transformation of the development mode. We will vigorously develop green and low-carbon industries, revise the guidance catalog for green industry development, promote the construction of green industry demonstration bases, and improve the market-oriented green technology innovation system. We will implement the national action of green and low-carbon life, advocate green consumption, and promote the formation of green and low-carbon production and lifestyle.



Third, we should strengthen overall coordination of ecological civilization. We improved the evaluation index system for building a beautiful China and carried out the first formal evaluation. Deeply promote the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Pilot Zone, and do a good job in summarizing, evaluating and promoting the experience. Organize the inspection and incentive work of ecological civilization in 2023, and strengthen the summary and publicity of the achievements and experiences of the cities and regions under inspection and incentive.



Fourth, we should comprehensively strengthen resource conservation. Implement the comprehensive conservation strategy, promote the integrated conservation of "energy, water, grain, land and mineral materials" as a whole, and promote the conservation and intensive utilization of all kinds of resources. We will do a good job in energy conservation at a high level, accelerate the research, development, promotion and application of advanced technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction, and organize the implementation of key energy conservation projects such as the "three transformation linkage" of coal power units. We will coordinate energy conservation, carbon reduction and recycling, and promote the upgrading of products and equipment in key areas. We will vigorously develop the circular economy and accelerate the construction of a waste recycling system. Strengthen the conservation and efficient utilization of water resources. We will do a good job in grain conservation and combating food waste.



Fifth, we should further promote the prevention and control of environmental pollution. We will build a modern environmental governance system and promote the defense of blue sky, clear water and pure land. We will improve the construction of environmental infrastructure, accelerate the construction of domestic waste incineration facilities in county-level areas, and promote the recycling of sewage sludge. We will comprehensively promote cleaner production and formulate and release a number of cleaner production indicator systems. We will continue to improve the whole chain of plastic pollution control.



Leaders in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities specifically designated in the state plan, provincial capital cities at the vice provincial level, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the head of the Environment and Resources Department, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Shanxi Provincial Energy Bureau attended the meeting in the branch venue.

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